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Complimentary Flowers by "POP" and MZMERT

    The New Cajun Midi

    Are you ready to hear some good Cajun midis?
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W elcome to Cajun Music~~
The place to "Pass a Good Time"
The music of the Cajunslike the food, is very much different from other music. It has a beat of it's own and the instruments are mostly the accordion and fiddle. Naturally, they have drums as all music needs drums. But sometimes Cajuns will use almost anything for the beat. They will use drums or triangles to keep the beat.They also use wash boards. Even today, the washboard is a very good timekeeper in the music.
Here we will see and hearthe sounds of
Cajun Music  and Rythym and Blues  and how it originated. You can click on the drop-downs and hear an example of how Cajun Music sounds. Of coarse, this is only midis and the real accordion sounds wont be there.
Anytime some-one hears the musicand the rythym, they just can't keep from tapping their foot or clapping their hands. The sound is so different from others and a much more compulsing to keep the rythym. It has a twist of German, Spanish, Anglo-American, African and Native American and French cultures as they were living together in south Louisiana, when the Acadians of Nova Scotia, Canada were being exiled from their homes. Cajun music was developed from which the French brought with them to the Acadian: colony during the 16th century from France.
The Cajuns came from Nova Scotiawith no musical instruments, as they were exiled with no warning at all. 11
The British were enviousof the Acadians and didn't like their style of living. The British Authorities had planned and schemed a way to exile the Acadians from Canada. They called a meeting in the local church claiming to have found a way to come to an agreement. When the Acadians gathered at the church, the British authorities locked the doors and arrested the Acadians, and immediately put them on ships and exiled 420 of them and shipped them out along the east coast of the Americas without even saying good-bye to their families. This was in 1755.
Being they had no clothesbut the clothes on their back and no personal effects to bring with them, they had no musical instruments to carry along with them...After a while, the French started writing new songs which referred to their new experiences in their new land. There was a long period of time when they had no instruments except for a fiddle or flute. They also had their whistlers and hummers, which would give them some entertainment in the evenings.
The Cajuns started making 12 more instruments such as the guitar from the Spanish and other cultures. The Germans had an instrument they introduced to Louisiana from Germany. It was the diatonic accordion that the Cajuns adapted to very well. Then they started making their own accordions to their liking, as the diatonic accordion was hard to play.
The French accordionis now the main instrument that the Cajuns use along with the guitar and triangle and home made instruments such as simple table-spoons and old fashioned wash-boards, which makes a wonderful musical sounds. The Cajuns will have a blast with their song and sound at home or on the river bank enjoying the music they make.

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