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KB wood carving store & Chainsaw Art

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KB wood carving store & Chainsaw Art
Custom wood carvings available,contact us , these sculpture range from chainsaw carvings of bears & birds to many other examples of natures critters .
Visit often new art added as completed-

All prices quoted are FOB Winnfield , Louisiana the forest capitol of Louisiana

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competitive prices
stylized and realistic
Southern pine, oak , cedar wood

Baby Black Bear
3 feet high x 12 inch
Shown with go away sign opposite side reads welcome
$395.00 sale price $195,00

All pieces suitable for indoor or outdoor

Garden decor
Deck or Den
Entrance decor
Business Decor
New item coming soon

Welcome KB Chainsaw Art website!.

From stylized to realistic, an ordinary piece of log or wood is transformed into something that will evoke an emotion within you. Whether it is a smile, or awe at the power and majesty of many of God's reproduced creations. .

Real 8 point antler trophy deer.
3feet3 1/2 inches' x 14 inches
Reg.$695.00 Sale price (SOLD) $395.00

Mr. Pelican
31/2 feet high x 20 inches wideReg.$595.00 Sale price $295.00

Large brown Bear 3'6"H x 20"W Reg.$695.00 Sale price $395.00

Stack of pumpkins
4 feet tall x 15 inches wide
Reg.$495.00 Sale price $295.00

We do special or custom orders. Whether your wood art subject is thought or specific, we will work with you to create unique wood sculpture to your liking and budget.
Placing a custom order is easy and hopefully an enjoyable process. Send send us an Email let us know what kind of sculpture you are interested in We'll give a free estimate, and answer questions you may have. Once you place an order, we may ask you to Email some general reference pictures of the carving subject,including size. Once a deposit is made on the order, we will begin the project ,time frame is 6 to 8 weeks. When your order is finished we will Email photos for your approval.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are glad that you have chosen KB Chainsaw Sculptures for a one of a kind piece of art. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions. Our prices are competitive, but our work is an original, which makes it worth every penny. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our email

Barnyard Rooster.
3 feet tall x 16 inches wide.
Reg.$495.00 Sale price $295.00

Majestic Eagle
4 feet high x 18 inches wide
Reg.$595.00 Sale price $295.00

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