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Boodog's Website

Hi.  I'm Boodog.  I was born April 22, 1994.  I have a boxer brother, Brody, who is 2 years old now.  I love my family so much.  I've never known what it's like to be abused but , somehow, I know I've got it made.

Some of my favorite things  are:

* sleep in sunny  spots in the house 
* eat and beg for treats
* share Mama's pillow at night
* sleep between Daddy's legs on mornings 
   that he sleeps in
* play one-on-one with Mama or Daddy without
   my boxer brother butting in
* wrestling with my boxer brother
* I  love sucking and kneading on my teddy bears
* laying in the bow window and "roooing" at 
   anything that moves outside
* bark and do alot of kicking so the 
   grass turns into dirt spots
* riding in the car
* riding in my bike trailer
* going for walks with Mama, Daddy, and Brody
* getting zurburps from Daddy
* I love laying on Mama and kissing her face 
   while she itches my back
* love going to Grama and Grampa's house cuz
   they are crazy about me
* I like most vegetables and fruits, especially 
   tomatoes and apples.

..... Things I don't like: 

* eye drops
* pickles
* getting boxed by Brody 
   (he gets in a heap of trouble with me then!)

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