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Bonnie & Clyde BOOKS!

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These books are offered in association with They are the best books currently available on Bonnie and Clyde. I have read each one and highly recommend them. Just click on the book and you will be taken directly to where you can read more or place an order..

The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde by E.R. Milner. By far the best book in print today. A few factual errors, but not nearly as many as found in other B & C books. Very readable. See the book!

Running with Bonnie and Clyde: The Ten Fast Years of Ralph Fults by John Neal Phillips Fascinating book about one of the members of the gang. Ralph Fults served time with Clyde Barrow and then joined him in committing robberies. He was the last surviving member of the Barrow gang. Phillips conducted extensive interviews of Fults, many members of the Barrow and Parker families, and other principals in preparation for this book. Buy the book!

Depression Desperado: The Chronicle of Raymond Hamilton by Sid Underwood. Another great book about one of the main members of the "Barrow Gang." Raymond Hamilton was one of the most prolific bank robbers of all time. Check it out!

Ambush: The Real Story of Bonnie and Clyde by Larry Grove and Ted Hinton. Ted Hinton was one of the officers who killed Bonnie and Clyde. He tells his "true story" of how the ambush was arranged. Although this book is out of print, there are copies out there at a wide range of prices on and auction sites. Click here!

Bonnie and Clyde and Me: True Tales of Crime and Punishment by Floyd Hamilton. (4 audio cassettes) Floyd was Raymond's brother and was actively involved in many of the gang's "endeavors." Even after Bonnie and Clyde were killed, Floyd continued a crime rampage across the country that led to his designation as "Public Enemy No. 1." After his capture, he spent years in Alcatraz and made several escape attempts. Narrated by Floyd himself, these tapes are absolutely spellbinding! See the tapes!

Another book, I'm Frank Hamer is also out of print but can be found occasionally on or through a book location service. Hamer, a former Texas Ranger, was one of the officers involved in the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde, tracking them over 15,000 miles. While any complete Bonnie & Clyde book collection has to include this volume, there are many inaccuracies in the book, however. Faulty research and self-aggrandizement is evident.

More on Depression Era Outlaws:

Pretty Boy: The Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd by Michael Wallis. Check It Out!

Dillinger: The Untold Story by G. Russell Girardin. See the Book!

Battle at Alcatraz: A Desperate Attempt to Escape the Rock by Ernest Lageson. You don't want to miss this gripping account of the bloody escape attempt from Alcatraz prison in May 1946. Six prisoners attempted to escape the island but their plans went awry and they took hostages, including the author's father. During the standoff, U.S. Marines shelled the island and over 1,000 rounds were exchanged during the confrontation. To view the book, CLICK HERE!

Completely unrelated, but...

My books available through

Burglary for the Patrol Officer by Wesley Harris. A great book on patrol tactics for street cops. See the book's cover!

Neither Fear Nor Favor: Deputy United States Marshal John Tom Sisemore LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE! This is the incredible true story of an extraordinary man and a town that refused to give in to lawlessness. Deputy United States Marshal John Tom Sisemore also served as Chief of Police of Ruston, LA at the same time in the late 1890's. He made a reputation for chasing moonshiners, whiskey runners, and other outlaws. I WROTE IT MYSELF! Click on the link to buy from or email me for a "direct from the publisher" price. A fascinating story!

Police Patrol by Wesley Harris. A philosophy of what police patrol is all about. Great book for recruits or someone comtemplating becoming a law enforcement officer. Check out the book!

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