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University of Hawaii at Manoa - Catalog - Graduate Study - Admissions
- School of Hawaiian, Asain & Pacific Studies - Index - Catalog 2001-02
-- Asian Studies - Graduate Programs - Admissions - Requirements
--- Asian Studies related Faculty
--- Buddhist Studies Program - Faculty - Courses
- Department of Philosophy - Faculty - Books
- The East West Center - Grad Fellowships
- UH Press - Books on Philosophy - Philosophy East West
Roger T. Ames, London, Chinese Philosophy (Classical Confucianism and Daoism)
Arindam Chakrabarti, Oxford, Indian Philosophy
Vrinda Dalmiya, Brown, Indian Philosophy
Eliot Deutsch,Columbia , Indian Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy
David J. Kalupahana, London, Buddhist Philosophy
Steve Odin, Japanese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy
Graham Parkes, Berkeley, Comparative Philosophy

University of Virginia - Admissions - Apply
- East Asia Center - MA - Faculty
- History of Religions Program - Info for Applicants - Timetable
- Philosophy

David Germano, Wisconsin (Indian and Tibetan Buddhism);
Paul S. Groner, Yale. (Japanese and Chinese Buddhism)
P. Jeffrey Hopkins, Wisconsin (Indian and Tibetan Buddhism)
Karen Lang, Washington (Indian Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Indian Religions)
Anne Monius, Harvard (Hinduism, Indian Religions);
University of Washington at Seattle - Graduate School - Web Application
- Department of Asian Languages and Literature - Faculty - Prospective Grad Students
-- Buddhist Studies
-- Early Buddhist Manuscript Project - Project Personnel
- School of International Studies (Graduate Study)
-- South Asian Studies Program
Frank Conlon, PhD., Minnesota, Religions of India
Collett Cox, PhD., Columbia, Buddhism, study of religion
Richard Salomon, Ph.D., Pennsylvania, religion in India
Charles Keyes, Ph.D., Cornell, South Asian Buddhism

Stanford - Admissions - Bulletin - Graduate
- Center for East Asian Studies -Programs - Faculty - Contact

- Center for Buddhist Studies - About - Programs - Faculty - Courses - Research
-- Dogen Zen Symposium
-- Asian Religions and Cultures Project
- Department of Philosophy - Faculty

Carl W. Bielefeldt, Professor (California-Berkeley), East Asian
Bernard Faure, Professor (Universite de Paris), East Asian
- Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures - Faculty - Program
- Center for Buddhist Studies - Program Info
-- Robert Thurman, Ryuichi Abe
Princeton - Grad Catalog
- East Asian Studies - Grad Program - Faculty
- Religion
- Philosophy
Stephen Teiser (Chinese/Popular)
Martin Colcutt (Japanese/Zen)
Jackie Stone (Japanese/Nichiren/Tendai)
Soho Machida (Japanese/Zen)
Harvard University
- Asian Studies at Harvard
- Sanskrit and Indian Studies
- East Asian Languages and Civilizations
- Regional Studies- East Asia
Leonard van der Kuijp (Indo-Tibetan history and literature)
Helen Hardacre (Japanese Religions)
Christopher Queen (Engaged/American)
Stanley Tambah (Theravada)

University of Wisconsin at Madison - Grad Catalog
- East Asian Languages and Literature
- Center for East Asian Studies
- Religious Studies
- Philosophy - Faculty

Gudrun Buhnemann. Ph.D. (Tantra)
Prof. John Dunne, Ph.D. (Indian Mahaayaana and Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhist philosophy)
Charles Hallisey, Ph.D. (South and Southeast Asian/Theravada)
- Center for East Asian Studies
- Center for Southeast Asian Studies
- East Asian Languages and Cultures - (includes India)
-- Buddhsit Studies - Faculty/Students
William Bodiford (Japanese Buddhism, Soto Zen)
Robert Buswell (Korean Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism; Wonhyo, Chinul)
Gregory Schopen (South and Southeast Asian Buddhism)
Michele Marra (EALC), Japanese philosophy
David Schaberg (EALC), Chinese thought


UC Santa Barbara - Grad
- East Asian Languages and Cultures -Faculty - Program - Courses
- Philosophy
- Religion - Faculty - Areas of Study

Alan Grapard (Japanese Buddhism, Shinto, Zen)
Barbara Holredge (Hinduism, Jewish Mysticism, Hindu iconography)
David White (Hinduism, Creation Mythology)
Vesna Wallace (Ceylon Buddhism, Indian Buddhism)
Alan B. Wallace (Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Language)
William Powell (Chinese Buddhism, Tai Chi)
University of Pennsylvania - Arts and Sciences (Grad Division) - Programs - Admissions
- Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies - Faculty - Requirements
-- Graduate Group (faculty)
-- Center for East Asian Studies - Handbook
- South Asia Regional Studies
- Ancient History Group - Faculty
- Faculty in Philosophy
Indiana University Bloomington - Graduate Bulletin - Depts
- East Asian Studies Center
- East Asian Languages and Cultures - Faculty -Grad Program
- India Studies - Phd Minor - Courses - Faculty
- Religious Studies - Grad Program - Faculty
-- Jan Nattier (History, Chinese sources for Early Buddhism), John R. McRae (East Asian, Chan), Rob Campany (Taoism)
University of Chicago
- Divinity School
Steven Collins (Theravada)
Paul Griffiths (Indian/Mahayana)
Matthew Kapstein (Tibetan)
Frank Reynolds (Theravada)

Australian National University - Grad School - Asian Studies Programs
- Asian Studies - Faculty - Publications
-- Buddhist and Indological Studies
- East Asian Studies - Faculty

- Southeast and South Asian Studies - Faculty


University of Toronto - Grad Studies
- East Asian Studies - Info (includes Sanskrit) - Facutly
- Religion

University of London
- School of Oriental and African Studies - Graduate Prospectus
University of Michigan
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
-- Buddhist Studies
Luis O. Gomez, Mahayana Buddhism, history of early Chan, Psychology of Religion.
Donald S. Lopez, late Indian Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.
Robert C. Sharf,. Ch'an/Zen history,ideology, and art, Shingon monastic ritual, Japanese New Religions.
Philip J. Ivanhoe, Chinese Religious and Philosophical thought.
Yale University
Department of Religious Studies
Council on East Asian Studies
Stanley Weinstein, Japanese and Chinese Buddhism.  
Rice University
Dept. of Religious Studies
Douglas Mitchell Ph.D. (U.T. Austin) [Dept of Linguistics] Sanskrit
Stephen Tyler Ph.D. (Stanford) [Anthropology] Indian religions, Linguistics
Anne C. Klein( Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Language)
Richard Smith (Chinese Lit, I-Ching)
Sarah Thal (Japanese Rel)
David Gray (Tibetan, Chinese Buddhism)

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