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Poems from the Heart

Hi! and welcome to my little corner of the WEB!
This first poem is just something I wrote to hopefully make u stop and think. Always keep in mind how very delicate Life is. The rest of my poems are at the bottom of the page. Just click on the poem title of your choice and u will be swept away. I tried not to put an overabundance of Graphics on my pages so they should all Load quickly. If you would like to know more about me just send me an IM or E-mail.
Here we Go.......

Life Is Delicate

What is this place?
It sure seems strange.
A mystical place
That I have never seen.

WoW! Look at all the smiles!
Everybody seems Happy!
I'll have to remember this place.
And make sure I come back again.

And who is this little child
tugging on my shirt?
With playful eyes, a kiddish grin,
And a headful of thoughts running wild.

And why the pearl white haze?
This is no ordinary fog.
Why the background churchbells?
Suddenly I'm becoming afraid.

Who is this man approaching me
Very distinguished and clothed in white?
Hi my son! I'm Saint Peter
And you've just awaken from a very tragic night.

That's right my son
This delightful place u see is Heaven.
And I'm sorry to say
Your time on Earth is done.

Do u recall what u were doing
During your last night?
Don't u remember the crash
And how your car took flight!

What are u talking about?
Oh! Saint Peter! This can't be true.
I was over at my girlfriends house
And drank quite a few.

The last thing I remember
Was having a big fight!
And speeding away in my car
Fuming! And just knowing that I was right!

Wait! Saint Peter...
It's starting to get clearer.
I popped open another Beer!
And approaching 90 mph I grab another Gear!

Approaching 120 now...
I'm starting to perspire...
But what could go wrong?
Oh No Saint Peter! A Blown Tire!

I'm spinning out of control!
When will this ride end?
I think I just heard a bump,
Surely that wasn't the wind.

You're mind has gone blank now.
Right my friend?
Why Yes Saint Peter!
How did it end?

Well...The conclusion my son...
Left u thirty feet high wrapped around a tree
Ok! Ok! I guess I deserved it.
But why does this child keep tugging on me?

Well... U see my son..That bump u heard
Wasn't just from the rough ride...
You ran over that innocent child...
And she wants to know WHY!


The moral of the Story Is......
NEVER Drive while drinking or extremely mad....
God Forbid BOTH!

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