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Peavy Photo Album

Welcome to our online photo album of Peavy ancestors.

Many thanks to Bill Peavy and Hudson Meacham!

George L. Peavy

George L. PEAVY (b. 1838, Meriwether Co, GA), son of David W. Peavy and Elizabeth Glass.
He was known to his contemporaries as "Major" PEAVY, having served with the Confederate Armies. He was a lawyer and did all the legal work for the clan, even after he moved to Newnan, Coweta, GA. He married twice; first to Myrtis Freeman, then to Eugenia "Genie" C. Kener. George was elected to the Georgia State Senate.

Gilbert Lafayette Peavy

Gilbert Lafayette PEAVY (1805-1903), son of Eli PEAVY and Elizabeth BLUNT/Blount.
Bill Peavy's great-grandfather. Gilbert is buried in the Trinity Cemetery in Marion Co, TX beside his 2nd wife, Mary Mariah Enralls Peavy (1843-1935), Bill's great grandmother.

John W. Peavy, Sr.

John White Peavy, Sr. (1848-1890), son of David W. Peavy and Elizabeth Glass
Hudson Meacham's great grandfather. John is buried in the Peavy Cemetary, Meriwether Co, GA.

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