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La.All-Star Twirl Champs

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baton twirling

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Welcome to our new web site. This web site was created for the All-Star Twirl and Dance. We are located in Walker, Louisiana.(just east of Baton Rouge.) We are assocated with the NBTA Association. History We have been in business now for seven years. We teach basic baton twirling fundamentals, ballet fundamentals, jazz and dance fundamentals. We average on a yearly basis 80-100 students. These students range in age from kindergarten through twelfth grade. We participate in local, state, regional and natio nal twirling competitions. Our students march in local and out of town parades. Meet the teachers: 1. Susan Watson Mills- Hi, my name is Susan Mills. I am the owner, director, and instructor at the All-Star Twirl and Dance Academy located in Walker, La. I have a Bachelor of Arts and have been teaching second grade at a local elementary school for 8 years. I am a certified NBTA instructor as well earning clerking hours toward the judges test. I have coached some 40 teams to local, state and national first place wins. I attended Louisiana State University, where I was a member of the LSU Tigerette twirling line for three years. I am an accomplished NBTA State strut and solo champion. I am also the colorguard instructor for a local high school, Walker High School. We not only compete in marching band events, but are actively involved in Indoor Guard Competitions held in our area. As my last activity, I am the sponsor for a majorette line at a local Junior High School, D.S.J.H. I have taught at All-Star Band Marching two years ago and have coached, instructed, and coordinated many Junior High and High School color guard lines and majorette lines. 2. Robin Spencer- Hi, my name is Robin Spencer. I am a teacher at the All-STar Twirl and Dance. I have taught now for two years. I have been involved with two groups that have been La.State Dance-Twirl Champs. I instruct children in baton twirling basics, and dance aspects. I am new to the group and look forward to many productive years.