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The Dragonlance and Wheel of Time Webring


Okay when I add you to the ring after you submit yourself to the queue go to the banners site and tell me which banner you want so I can give you the fragment for it.

Hello this Webring was made to link all of the Dragonlance and Wheel of Time pages out there. Either a personal fan fiction page, official page, or a page of a mud based on them. Instead of searching the whole entire net you can easily surf them here using the webring.

Here are a set of Guidelines or rules for the pages that you want to submit:
*Dragonlance Pages here are the set of rules.
*For the Wheel of Time pages rules.
*MUDs pages rules.
*Clans within a certain Mud rules.

If the site you want to add is not even based on Dragonlance, Wheel of Time or a mud based on these two series, then it does not belong to this ring and you should probably check out the other rings out there on the net to find the one that suits you best.

Remember the function of this ring is to show off the best of the series that you love to the world wide ring, so don't worry if you don't think your site is going to be added. Submit it anyways and it might even be added.

If you want to join you will have to Submit your site to the queue.

Here is the Dragonlance Banner for the webring and I have one for the Wheel of Time too. I'm making new banners constantly, so soon there will be a page on them that the ring members can choose which ones and I'll send them the html fragment for them.

Members Functions

Here are some Site banners for the ring. The selection might seem small right now but in about 2-3 weeks there will be a bigger selection with a link on every one that shows the webring user the html fragment for that certain one. I have all the html fragments for these banners up right now so I can email them to you it on your site.

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Can't remember your Site ID? Take a look at the Index of sites for the ring to find yours (the Site ID will be the number listed next to your site).

This Site belongs to the Dragonlance and Wheel of Time Pages and Muds Webring
The owner of this page is Cleric Crysania Laurentine.