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Titanic Obsessed

  The Titanic
This beautiful picture is by Simon Fisher
People often shy away from the word obsessed believing that it means something sinister but Webster's Dictionary defines obsessed as: "to occupy or engage the mind of someone to an inordinate degree". I must admit that this definition describes me in relation to Titanic. I have never experienced something that fascinates me as much as this topic and I love to share information with others who are also interested in the Titanic. This leads me to the making of this web site - I hope to share with you different areas of the Titanic history and experience. I have millions of ideas and so much to share so I hope you come back often to see what has changed. 


My Obsession
THE Titanic Links Page
Symbolism of Hands
Convergence of the Twain


Cameron Cameos
Titanic Cast Addresses / Autograph Tips
Susan's Titanic Trip
My Collection of Titanic Memorabilia

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