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26th of September 2002

Oh wow. What can I say? Over two years ago I stopped updating this site. It's been left up without maintenance ever since, I tried to log into my account now and then to at least leave a note here for visitors to make sure they know this site is dead, but Angelfire didn't let me. Now, it finally did. It feels funny to look through all my old files again. And to let you all know, yes, I'm still very much a Timonaholic after all these years.;) A lot has changed in my life - and I do mean a LOT - , you're all probably not here to hear about it though.
And if you need to know, no, I'm still not planning on updating the site anymore. *sigh* It's just too big to maintain with so many visitors (over 20,000 visitors, holy.....) and looks absolutely ghastly in design.;P I don't have time for a big fansite like this anymore, I have another smaller fan site for another character, if you want to take a peek. But no Timon stuff there, sorry.<:) However, there are some fan arts of him and various other things on my art site, if you're interested.;)

However, as a last edit (for now): For your convenience, I at LEAST removed the dead links from the "Links" and "More Links" section, removed the images that weren't showing up on the main page and removed the Bravenet guestbook, since it doesn't work anymore. So now all the links you see here should be working, tested them myself.:)

Will this site EVER be alive again? Hard to say. To be honest I have been thinking about bringing it back someday, but I'd have to completely change the design and it'd still eat a lot of my time. Hope lives on. Maybe someday in the near or not-so-near future.......
I just wanted to finally be able to greet and thank all the visitors. I hope this site has brought some joy into your life, from what I've seen this is one of the biggest Timon fan sites on the net and I've just been glad to make such a thing.:)

Until the next time, whenever that may be, Hakuna Matata. Signing off--

- JessKat

26th of November 1999

Started this section.:) Also got a new award from Geisha Girl! Added the Timon header pic on the main page and changed the background.

28th of November 1999

Became a member of Friends Of Disney Alliance (logo on the main page).

29th of November 1999

Changed the main page a little again! Made the little "blizzard" applet for the T.I.M.O.N header (this is where I found the instructions) and added the christmas lights. Holidays are approaching!:)

1st of December 1999

Updated the "Misc. Timon Stuff" section: added a pic of Mike Surrey, the lead animator of Timon! Put up a new fan fic by yours truly (I need to get some more people to send me REAL stories!:P), "Kimwondo". Also added a few new links.

2nd of December 1999

Added the Timon postcards! I'm still going to add some more pictures later, maybe music too. Won Ron And Marie's Disney award!:) Thank you!

10th of December 1999

Won TWO new awards! From DisneySide.Net and Robyn's Disney page. Check out these great sites!:)

11th of December 1999

Won an award from DisnyMom!:) Please visit her page too (link on my "Awards" page). Hakuna Matata!

22nd of December 1999

Took out the snow applet on the main page and just left the original picture on it's place, because on most machines the applet takes too long to load. Also updated the poll. Please vote there!:)

28th of December 1999

NOTE: There are now two ways to access this site. The other URL is the same, http://www.angelfire.com/la/Timonaholic. The other is shorter and easier to remember, http://surf.to/timonaholic.
Added two new links today, to Simba's Kingdom and TheLionKing.De. Visit these great sites!:)
And I won an award again!:D

3rd of January 2000

Well, my computer didn't crash by the Y2K.;)
Added one new link to Bio Union Forums. Not much change, but it's something.:) Also getting rid of the Christmas light bars on the main page. Xmas is over.....:( Added one new link to The Lion King's Timon And Pumbaa Links Home Page.

4th of January 2000

Changed the main page logo to a new one.:)

7th of January 2000

Moved most of the only Disney/animation and non-Lion King links to another links section, since the other one was getting too huge to load.

10th of January 2000

Got a new award from The Lion King Club!:)

12th of January 2000

Added myself to two new webrings, THE Movie Webring and The Great Movie Webring. (Hey, The Lion King is THE greatest movie ever!:)) Added a link to Lynn's Mickey Then And Now page. It can be found on the More Links section.

13th of January

Added myself to a few new webrings again and added myself to HitBox.

17th of January

Added some more Timon quotes, including quotes from The Lion King, Simba's Pride, the CD-ROM Timon And Pumbaa's Jungle Games and the TV series, and added myself to the movie quotes ring to let more people learn to live by the words of the feisty lil' kat.;) Got an award from Manon Yapari, go check her webpage through the Awards section or the More Links section.

23rd of January

Added a few new links to the More Links section, to some cool free graphics sites. Check them out!:)

24th of January

Changed the Poll question! And added some more links to th More Links section.

26th of January

Added more Timon lines to the Quotes page. Thanks a lot to Emily for these quotes!

28th of January

Added a new section: browser skins
Emily's Mulan page won my Meerbat Award, congratulations!:)

29th of January

Added some new Timon pics, thanks to Beerit!:)

4th of February

Added the lyrics to "Stand By Me", a great version of the old song sung by Timon with style (from the Timon & Pumbaa show)!;) Also added a few new links and got rid of the browser skin section.......For some reason they didn't seem to work on any other computer than my own.:( Oh well, Hakuna Matata!

8th of February

Added a few new links again to the More Links section, to the South Park movie site, OtakuWorld and Action Cat!

11th of February

Won two awards again!:D Added a link to Vitani's Pride.

22th of February

Won a new award from Jenny! Link to her page can be found through the award. Check it out!

17th of March

NOTE: This page might not be updated for a while. I'm going to possibly redesign it as soon as I have time and hopefully there's still interest from people to keep this page going. Hakuna Matata.

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