So, now when you have looked around here a bit, you should already know if you're interested in The Lion King and/or Timon at all. You need to know that for sure, if you want to claim yourself a true Lion King fan. So, here's a test to prove yourself one. Are you ready? Fire away!

The Lion King - Are you a fan?

1. How many times have you seen The Lion King?

a) Lion King? What's that?
b) More than a hundred
c) 10 times or over

2. Do you think Nala is sexy?

a) Hey, she's a cartoon character!
b) Of course! Count me in as a Nalaholic!
c) Well, she's good-looking but not anywhere near Sharon Stone!

3. When you hear someone mocking The Lion King, what do you do?

a) Join in, it WAS only a kids' movie!
b) You attack at them with teeth and claws!
c) You shut your ears and let them keep their opinions

4. When Mufasa dies, what do you feel?

a) Nothing. Should I feel something?
b) You cry out loud and your neighbour starts complaining about the noise
c) You feel sad, but you think it wasn't as effective as it could have been

5. What do you think about the songs?

a) They're stupid, why did they have to put them in the movie?
b) You love them, you sing them at school, in the shower, at dinner table...
c) They're good but Elton John could have done better

6. What did you think about the movie itself?

a) Aladdin was much better
b) It reflected your own life and it changed you forever
c) Good, better than what Disney usually does but not too special

7. What do you think about the characters?

a) Nothing special about them
b) They're each special in their own way
c) They weren't deep enough for you, you'd like to know more of them

8. Do you think Simba is:

a) Boring
b) Sympathetic, brave and a great king
c) Pretty nice

9. Do you think Scar had other motives for killing Mufasa than power?

a) You don't think about things like that
b) Yes, you've written many fan fics about it
c) Probably not

10. Do you have many Lion King related pictures on your walls?

a) Now this is going too far!
b) Walls? What walls? I can't see them anymore!
c) A few maybe, but you're afraid to show them to anyone

11. If you'd have a tattoo, would it be Lion King related?

a) Heck no! It would be Leo DiCaprio!
b) Sure! All of the characters!
c) Hmm, maybe a lion, but a real one, not a cartoon

12.Would you consider The Lion King as one of the best movies ever made?

a) No way! Everyone knows Gone with the Wind is the best!
b) Consider? Are there other movies?
c) No, though it was a good one

13. Do you have a Lion King site in the net?

a) Jeez...don't you have anything better to do?
b) Of course I do! / No, but I'd like to have, if I had time to run it
c) No, but I've visited a few others

14. Has The Lion King changed your opinions about saving animals?

a) Yeah, for the worse!
b) Yes, you've donated all of your money for saving animals
c) Yes, but you haven't done anything about it

15. Would you consider The Lion King as "only a kids' movie"?

a) What? Wouldn't you?
b) Who said that?! I'll kill him!!! Who said that?!
c) Not really, but it isn't exactly an adult movie, either


Mostly A:s: "He is not one of us, he has never been one of us..."

Mostly B:s: Way to go! You can proudly present your diploma of being a true Lion King fan to the world!

Mostly C:s: Hmm, this is pretty bad, but you still have hope, you just need to discover your true skills and maybe someday you will find the same magic in The Lion King that we fans have discovered a long time ago. Hakuna Matata!

"Now listen to this, this is the important part!" Now when you've found out if you're a true Lion King fan, you might also be interested to know if you're a Timonaholic. (Or maybe not.:P) Anyway, I have a test for that too. Here are a few ways to find out if you're truly obsessed. Ready - steady - test!

Marks that show you're truly obsessed

1. You feel a sudden urge to change your haircolor to red.

2. You get yourself brown contactlenses, when you don't need them at all.

3. When a friend tells you about his worries and troubles, the only thing you ever say, is: "Hakuna Matata!"

4. You start thinking in the middle of a schoolday, in a crowd of people, how sexy Timon actually is. *cough! cough!*;D

5. When your teacher asks you, who do you consider as your hero and you raise your hand, she replies emmediately: "Yes, yes, you don't have to answer, we already know it's Timon!"

6. When your Mum wants to get you a new schoolbag, you suggest she should buy a blue suitcase, just because Timon always carries one on his trips.

7. You paint stripes to your back, the one in the middle larger than the others and five of them.

8. Your friends don't want to watch The Lion King with you anymore, because you always burst out crying when Timon does in "Can you feel the love tonight".

9. You demand to call your best friend Pumbaa, though he doesn't like it.

10. Your family members can never watch while you eat, because it's always bugs!

11. You grow yourself a tail.

12. Whenever you see Timon on the screen, you start singing: "Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you..."

13. And you really DO see Timon in your dreams every night!

14. You buy The Lion king in more than ten languages, just to hear how Timon sounds like in different countries.

15. When someone asks you where would you go if you could choose anyplace you wanted to on a vacation, you always answer: "To the Pride Lands!"

16. You buy every movie with Nathan Lane in it, just because he voices Timon.

17. Your room looks more like Chandra's Timon Shrine than a room!

18. When everyone else is surfing around the net on different pages, you're looking for more Timon pages.

18. For some strange reason, you start babysitting female lion cubs, especially ones named Kiara.

19. You adopt a meerkat and name it Timon.

20.You're taking this test just to see if there's still something you haven't done!

Yes, I know this second test is longer than the first but hey, this IS a page for Timonaholics!;) Hakuna Matata!

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