Simba's Pride

Well, most of you probably should know what Simba's Pride is, by now. In case some still aren't familiar with it, I may tell a little bit about it here. So, Simba's Pride is the sequel to Disney's masterpiece, The Lion King, the movie that made us all familiar with Timon.:) Simba's Pride continues from where The Lion King left off. Because the movie contains a few new characters, I might tell a little about them too:

Kiara is Simba's and Nala's daughter, she is a playful cub, just like her parents when they were young. Unlike Simba, she is reluctant to become a queen, she would prefer to just play and have fun. When she grows up, she falls in love with Kovu and their love can stop the war between the Pridelanders and the Outlanders.

Kovu is Zira's son, and he was hand-picked by Scar to follow in his footprints. He falls in love with Kiara, which causes a lot of trouble in the Pride Lands. As a cub, Kovu isn't as playful as Kiara, for he doesn't even know the meaning of the word "fun". When he learns to know Kiara and the Pridelanders better, he realizes what he has been missing all his life. Kiara opens his eyes and suddenly Kovu doesn't want to become Scar's heir anymore.

Scar's mate, later his widow. Zira has decided to revenge her mate's death and will do just anything to get what she wants. She raises Kovu to defeat Simba one day and take his place as the future king of the Pride Lands.

Nuka is Zira's son, and he's desperately seeking for his mother's attention. That's why he's so jealous at Kovu for having all attention. Finally it leads to his own destruction.

Zira's daughter. She's a lot like her mother, and she's been raised as a warrior type to defeat the Pridelanders when the final battle comes. But she also has her softer side and when Kiara and Kovu suggest peace between the two prides, she's the first one to accept their idea.

Some of the old characters have developed a little bit and play a bit different role in the sequel:

Simba, being a responsible king nowadays, has grown to be a little overprotective father who still loves his daughter and would do anything for her, just like his father had done for him. He has banished the lionesses loyal to Scar to the desolate Outlands and he has to be careful all the time, for they have sweared to have their revenge.

Nala isn't as overprotective as Simba and she understands Kovu and Kiara better, when they fall in love. She's still loyal to her husband and stands by him, whatever may come.

The old mandrill is still pretty much the same, just as crazy and just as wise. He seems to be the only one who can openly communicate with Mufasa, as he advises Rafiki to get the two prides join.

Okay, he was important in The Lion King, in the sequel he only has a few lines. He still seems to watch over his son and the rest of the pride, for he show very clearly his presence from time to time.

Ooh, my baby!:) Well, in Simba's Pride Timon doesn't have such an important role, for the movie focuses more on the love story between Kovu and Kiara, but in the sequel he's become Kiara's royal babysitter. He seems to take his job pretty seriously because he's a bit afraid of Simba's power as the king, but isn't only doing his job out of responsibility, Kiara is a good friend to him and he cares for her a lot.

Just as his buddy, Pumbaa also doesn't play such a big role in Simba's Pride, he's also employeed as Kiara's babysitter and takes his new job as seriously as Timon. Too bad they're both not very qualified, and so their babysitting sometimes gets a bit out of hands. Unfortunately, Pumbaa still has his gas problem...:)

Zazu isn't seen in this movie very much, he's still the king's majordomo and still watched over the Pride Lands, noting the king emmediately if there's something going on. He was planned to have a girlfriend named Binti in Simba's Pride, but later they dropped the idea.

The Plot:

Simba and Nala have become the king and queen of the Pride Lands and they have a female cub named Kiara. Simba is worried about her, because she likes to roam and go to places where she might get in danger. That's why Simba puts Timon and Pumbaa in charge of her and tells them to look after her. Kiara doesn't like the idea at all, and when her two babysitters are busy arguing over their lunch, she sneaks away and finds herself in the Outlands. There she meets a young cub name Kovu and they start playing together. Suddenly both Simba and Kovu's mother, Zira, arrive to separate the cubs from each other and Zira swears that Kovu will one day avenge Scar. The cubs have to say goodbye to each other and they grow apart. Time passes and it's time for Kiara's first hunt alone. She asks Simba for once to let her do it alone, and Simba gives his promise. Unfortunately, he can't keep it and sends the bumbling babysitters Timon and Pumbaa after her again. When Kiara finds this out, she gets mad and runs away. Meanwhile, Zira and the other Outlanders have put their plan in motion. They set fire in the Pride Lands and Kiara ends up in the middle of flames. Kovu arrives and saves her, then asks to join Simba's pride. Simba doesn't like the idea but since he owes him his daughter's life, he lets Kovu to join the pride. Kovu's plan was to attack Simba when the time is right, but in time he starts to enjoy himself among Simba's pride...and Kiara. The two fall in love and Simba finally starts trusting Kovu. He takes Kovu with him for a walk and tells him the truth about Scar. Zira and the other Outlanders have set an ambush for Simba and when he finds this out, he thinks Kovu has betrayed him. Kovu denies it, but Simba doesn't believe him anymore. He escapes at the last moment, but Nuka dies trying to get his mother's attention by killing Simba. Zira blames Kovu for this and banishes him. Kovu returns to the Pride Lands, but Simba drives him away, too. Kiara is the only one who believes him and runs after him. Kovu suggests they should run away together and start their own pride, but Kiara convinces him that they should rather try to get the Pridelanders and the Outlanders unite. They arrive in the Pride Lands just in time; there's already a war going on between the two prides. Kiara tells everybody to listen to her and makes them realize they are all the same. All except Zira accept her thoughts of peace and Zira still tries to attack Simba. Kiara prevents this and they both roll near an edge and Zira hangs on the cliff with her paws. Kiara still tries to help her but Zira just slashes angrily at her and falls in to the river below. She's never seen again. The rest of the prides join in peace and Simba finally accepts Kovu as Kiara's mate.

There you have that, too. Sorry for any typos.:P Hakuna Matata!

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