Timon pics! Special thanks for Timduru and Shingalana for some of these pics. Part of the pics come from Lion King WWW Archive and some from Hakuna Matata!

Very nice!
Timon and Pumbaa
Timon on Pumbaa's head
Timon with lots of energy
Timon.......hungry maybe?
Timon scared
I'm the king of the world! Woo-oo-oo!
Cutie pie!
Scared by Zira
Timon's "The Look"
Timon singing
About to hug Pumbaa
Looking for some comfort
Aaawww, crying....:(
Are ya?
Dusting himself
"When the world turns its back on you..."
Now they're in for it!
This thing's loaded!
Hakuna Matata
The eyes! The adorable eyes!
Timon looks over the water
"Tango Charlie Alfa...."
It's the Tail! Save yourselves!:D

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