Win My Award!

Do you have a Timon page?
Or do you have a page of The Lion King, Simba's Pride or both in general?
Would you like to get the credit you deserve for making it?
If yes, then you're welcome to apply for my award!
Below is a sample of my award....What? You mean what is a meerbat?
No, it's not a typo, it's meerBat with a B instead of K in the middle. A meerbat a meerkat, but in a vampirish form.>:) They're not evil, don't fear them, they're just kats (or Bats) who also have a darker side, instead of the happy-go-lucky hula nature. Basically like we all are sometimes.:)
Anyway, below is a sample of my award:

Now if you want to apply for it, just e-mail me with the following information:

Your name

Your e-mail address
(otherwise I won't know how to send you the award if you win!)

Your site's name

Your site's URL (address)

A brief description of your page

And there you go!:)
There are a few simple rules concerning your page, however:

1. MUST be suitable for all ages (no bad language, no sex, no violence).
2. Must be a Timon/Lion King/Simba's Pride or at least Disney site.
3. Not too many broken links or images, those are always disturbing on a page.
4. In case you win, you must link back to my site.

Not too hard, is it?:) Now go out there and make your page a winner!

Winners so far:

Sequelo's Savanna
Emily's Disney's Mulan

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