Misc. Timon Stuff

Here's some Timon stuff that couldn't fit anywhere else. Enjoy!

Winamp skins including Timon

By Remy Monsen

By Kuvo

Adopt Timon!

Aaaaawwww! Poor baby Timon is an outcast and so without a home!:( If you want to lend a hand (or a paw) for him, just save this pic and put on your homepage. If many people do that, it won't do any harm. At least then Timon will have many homes!:) Click here for a bigger version.

Timon plushie from the McDonald's Simba's Pride set

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My Timon pet!

Aaaawww! Isn't that cute? Now I got Timon as my very own pet!:)
This is where I found him. To adopt a Lion King pet of your own, just head there!

Mike Surrey - The animator of Timon

Mike Surrey (left), the supervising animator of Timon and Tony Bancroft, supervising animator of Pumbaa posing together. (Picture from a Clopin fan Page. Check it out!)

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