Here are some great Lion King, Simba's Pride and Disney links, not forgetting the Timon ones of course!;)
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Michael R.'s Lion King Page

The Lion King's Timon And Pumbaa Links Home Page - Long Name, But Lots Of Links!:)
Timduru's Timon Fan Site - As Timon Would Say, Very Nice!
Timduru's Lion King And Balto Page
Guess Five Times...Yes! Timon!
A Small Page For Timon, From The Animated Lust (Rated PG!) Site
TheLionKing.De - A New Cool Site!
Meerkats.Com - Info On Real Meerkats
Monsen's Lion King Page
Whitewolf's Lion King Page - Very, VERY Nice!
Scar, The True Lion King
The Lion King Club
The Lion King Central
Another Lion King Page - Never Would've Guessed, Huh?:)
Welcome To The Lion King
Young Simba's Homepage - Looks Very Cool, If You Ask Me!
Strictly Scar
The Lion Queen - Nala.At - Lots Of Cool Downloads And Images

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