This part of my Timon page is dedicated to people who have somehow helped me make this page and to some of my best friends.

Well, I HAD to mention them, they're the ones who brought us Timon in the first place! And I thank them deeply for that.:)

Another Finnish Lion King fan like me.
He's helped me a lot by giving
many pictures for my page and advices.

Jessie: Another meerkat! Yay! Jessie is one of the first people I met through the net and has given some advices for my page. Believe me, without her, this place would be a mess!;)

MaSarah: Another great meerkat I know through the net. MaSarah is a good friend too and I wish I could meet her someday. At the moment it seems quite impossible but hey, anything can happen.:)

Marjo: Hehe, well, she's not a Lion King fan but she's a Finnish girl and one of my best friends so I couldn't leave her out, could I?;) Just between her and me: Me ollaan aika neroja, eiks vaan?:)

Beerit: I really consider her as my best online friend, as also in real life.:) She's kind, helpful, funny, wise, she always knows how to cheer me up when I'm down and I know I can always trust her. Thanks for everything, sis.:)

Dutch Lion: Now he's someone I definitely can't leave out, part of the reason might be because I love him.:) The other reason is that he literally saved my life and I'm glad he did. He's more than just a friend, though he lives in another country, I still love him and hope that he'll never forget that.

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