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So you want to know more about me? Why? Well, you have to, otherwise you wouldn't have come so far. *Sigh* Well, it's your loss...think that you could be surfin' around the web right now...:)First of all, my name is Jessica or "JessKat", I'm from Finland and I'm sixteen years old. OK, so why did I make this page? Because I am a HUGE Lion King and Timon fan. I have to tell my life story now, sorry for this, but I'm only doing it because I want you to know why I'm so late and why I didn't make this page earlier, like other Lion King fans.

I think I've liked Disney all my life. Whenever there was a new Disney movie, it became my favourite. Before The Lion King entered my life, I was a big Alddin fan. I liked the way it was made, after all, it was more like a comedy and not like a drama, as The Lion King. I watched Aladdin almost every day and thought: "Nothing can ever beat this." I was wrong. When The Lion King came to theaters, I panicked. There was an article about it in the newspaper and I looked at the characters in it. They weren't humans, there were lions, a pig and...uhh, some strange creature that I had never seen before. I actually got a bit mad at them, they wouldn't beat my Aladdin! I went to see the movie with my mother, and throughout the movie I reminded myself about Aladdin. "It's the best, and you know it. This can't beat it, nothing can be as funny." So, we watched the movie and in the funny parts, when I heard myself laughing, I shut my mouth tight and almost slapped myself: "It wasn't that funny, okay?!" After the movie I was reliefed. It wasn't a comedy, it wasn't as funny as Aladdin! Whew! Months passed, I watched Aladdin many times, but not as often as before. It somehow wasn't as funny anymore. Of course, if you know all the lines and know what's coming next, it's not that funny anymore. One day my Mum bought me the Lion King soundtrack. I was still a bit against it, because of Aladdin. I still played it once and I kinda liked the opening song, "Circle of life". I had heard it even before The Lion King was released, in a programme that showed details of the movie and where they showed how it was done. I had memorized it back then, and now i remembered it again. "This is okay," I thought. I listened a bit more to the other songs and I liked them too. I started remembering things from the movie, bit by bit. I remembered some funny things in it and started to think:"Okay, so maybe it WAS quite funny." And when I heard Elton John's version of "Can you feel the love tonight", it was a blast. I loved it! I started to listen to the soundtrack more often, nearly every day, and soon I could sing all the songs by memory. Aladdin wasn't that interesting anymore, I wasn't watching it that often anymore. I started buying Lion King merchandise and when I heard it was coming on video soon, I went crazy. I ran around telling all my friends what a great movie it was, I almost drove them mad! I watched Bambi more often (I know it's kinda silly!), just because there were some similarities to The Lion King in it. Hey, I had to do SOMETHING before it came on video, otherwise I would've exploded! Then: the great day finally came. Right after school I ran to the store and was probably the first one to buy it. I asked my friend to watch it with me, and she wasn't that excited. (For some reason.) I was captured from the first moment, my friend just wanted to get it over with. After the film I was still stunned and I asked my friend how did she like it. "Well, it was okay, but if I had to choose, Aladdin was much better." After she left, I ran to my video and rewinded the tape straight back to the beginning. I watched it again, then my Mum came home, and while I watched it the THIRD time in my room, she watched it in the kitchen. We both thought it was much better than Aladdin. (Sorry, Aladdin-fans.)

So, what about Timon? How did I become a Timonaholic? Don't worry, that's not (quite) as long story than the one above. Now that I had become a Lion King fan, I watched it every day at least once. (My record is 3-4 times a day.:)) In 1996, there was a release of a Timon & Pumbaa video in Finland. Well, of course I had to have it. I bought it the day I saw it in the store. I knew it wasn't going to be as great as The Lion King, after all, it was a sequel and sequels aren't usually made that well. But I loved it, too. It was funny and you could easily spnd an hour watching it. Then, it hit me. There was this one episode with Timon & Pumbaa, where Pumbaa found gold and Timon only found a bottle cap. The look on Timon's face in that one scene just broke my heart. I rewinded it back about twenty times and still couldn't get enough. I felt sorry for te little guy, and he became my favourite character in The Lion King. Especially when I actually noticed how loveable he looks like in the end of "Can you feel the love tonight". I just LOVED those chocolate eyes!!! It became my favourite scene, I paused it and looked at it for 5 minutes, rewinded it back and paused again. I just couldn't get enough of them, and I still haven't. I still sigh deeply when I watch that scene, and I've become nearly obsessed with Timon. (Well,...only NEARLY?:)) And that is why I'm making this page so late, because I wasn't always a Lion King or Timon fan. I know, I was insane, but not anymore.

Hakuna Matata!:)

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