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Oi Gotta Better Name Than "Buffy's SlayerVille" , eh? E-mail me at the bottom of the bleedin' page and make name suggestions!

So we all know and luv the story of Buffy. Most of us are deeply in luv wiv Angel, And there are some, like me, 'oo prefer Xander. Yet i 'ave met right few Oz fans i know yor out there. Most lads like buffy over Willow, right, and even fough Codelia were one of the chuffin' 50 most beautyfull blokes, why is it men chose buffy over 'er, then, luv? And i know this 'urts ter ffink about but Angel is copping 'is own show, so no more 'im and Buffy. Rumer 'as it Cordy's leavin' and joinging Angel's show she is gonna ba a vampire?! Blimey! wouldnt that leave Xander and Buffy mass spazed luv, isit?godi ve been waitin' for that, right, And wouldnt yer fink Cordy and Angel might just too, then, eh? And if they leave new blokes are ter come in so 'oos commin', squire? Rumer 'as it a new slayer, the bloody real slayer, faiff. And wots up wiv us fav. villions Drusilla and Spike?

"What kind of a girly name is 'Angel' anyway?"

I'm a Minion of Mojo!