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Apolo's Castle

It would seem that this Castle is under construction,
watch out for the, oooooops to late.

{Tis true, the drawbridge is in need of repair!}

Please bear with me and I will try to not leave to many things
lying around unattended, and do forgive the mess for I can only
spend so much time here a week, and this will require much research.

I've been gathering many components from,
around the world to share with you all.

Things (u know) free things that may help you do better
than i did getting started here, and in other area's as well.

Yes indeed, there will most definitly be a page here in the near future,
on fantasy adventures and, on my believes on the cosmos as well.
{pssst look below}

My interests are:
Computors; programs that make life easier, and games that make the same fun.
Outdoors sports; fishing, camping, archery,
and anything else that envolves fresh air.
Sci-fi; Space, the Earth, the Past, the Future it is all
so interesting, where to begin.

The description of my page is:
Contacts; find others with free help as well as common interest.
Updates; I will stive to not let this information get out dated before it's usefulness has.

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In the event that the information found here is incorrect or with fault, 
please feel free to contact me at the following: 


Please come back soon and visit me.
You never know what I might do next, thanks for visiting.

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person to visit mine personal realm.

If you find anything wrong with this page please feel free to contact me !