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Manga Maihia
Anihabara "Anihabara" is a compound word of Anime and Akihabara.
Akihabara will be a mecca for all the anime fans!
Rebecca's Less-Than Magnificent World of El-Hazard Her site have many of screenshots, as I did use them for my page of El-Hazard. Cool site ^_^
timedisorder Comics- done by one very talented artist!
Animeart This is general anime with screenshots, gallery, info, etc- big site!
Cardcaptors Offical Cardcaptors- which is highly tech, beautifully organized!
Amber Anime Archive This is my fave for TOTALLY general anime, it have some rare anime series. So if ur looking for something new- go there!
Ultimate Animanga Archive Other site with common n rare series w/ pictures.
Pioneer Animation The Offical Pioneer Animation Site. Let u know what's coming and new releases.
The best link anime lists in the world wide web! =D
Anime Empire Have some of my animated gifs in there, along with its own animated gifs. Have crazy pictures!