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Basic Information:
Age: 17
Homeland: Calif
Height: 5'5
Hair color: Ugly brown- i usually dye my hair.

Fun Information:
Body Piercing: two on each ears, one on upper ear, eyebrow.
My Alibi: People know I luv anime, draw, and make dumb jokes.
My Future Job: Eek! Film Director, Artist, Airbrusher, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Editor, Photo journalism.... more more.. wahh i cant decide.

Anime-Related Information:
Videos: 37 licensed tapes, 16 copied tapes
Mangas: 28 graphic novels, and a couple of mangas
Things: Laminated posters, shirts, magazines, a address book, and a pencilboard.
Favorites.......: My favorites ALWAYS change each time I watch something or read something, so I'm not going to say anything... XD
Final Words:
Did you learn something about me? I totally love anime, so therefore the reason why I create this site! I'm really proud of myself, working hard on this site for a long time =D It had been more than two years. But I start this site A LONG TIME AGO than May 10, 1999.. Only I didn't remmy when i started it so May 10, 1999 was the day that is offically beginning for my site. Since then, it's really BIG change, before it was just BIG pic w/ bright background with you-can't-see ugly font. Heh XD