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The special of the day is VARIABLE GEO: a brutal battle between waitresses who serve up generous portions of energy blasts and vicious side orders of murderous martial artistry. For buffed beauties who make below-minimum wage, VG is the perfect way to score some fast cash. The victor walks away with millions, and the defeated loses everything (namely, all her clothes).

But this high-stakes sport have dark forces and dubious practices behind the fun and games. Evil injections that make steroids seem like vitamins. Instead of team prayer, there's demonic possession. Athletic sponsors are malevolent corporations with a more frightening agenda than increased market share.

It's all just part of the game. So order up a steamy, sexy serving of VARIABLE GEO. It's all you can eat and more than you can handle.

Information on Variable Geo:

Animated Violence, Brief Nudity, and Mature Situations.

Approximately 90 minutes.

My Opinions:

The animated violence is GREAT!!!!! I love the animated attacks, it's really cool! ^-^

The brief nudity of this' okay, there's pretty several of it and I'm sure you guys out there should appreciate this!

Chiho Masuda- pretty cool spy girl
Manami Kusonoki- little immature may-be-lesbo-in-the-future girl
Jun Kubota- Miss-I'm-Strong Lady, but have its cool attitude
Kaori Yanase- Smart glasses-girl
Reimi Jyahana- Bad girl with a bad past
Ayako Yuuki- She scare me
Satomi Yajima- Yuka's best friend who join VG with a sad reason
Elena (Elirin) Goldsmith- American girl with a sad past
Yuka Takeuchi- Our leading role in this movie =)

The plot of this is pretty good, the animation is great and I think it's good movie! =)

NOTE: There is two part, but it's in a Playstation game IN Japan. Yeah it sux =/

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