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Updated last time: May 7, 2000

Welcome to my Princess Mononoke page. Here, you'll find pictures, characters, movies and information.

I saw it on Oct 30, 1999! Hehe, yeah I watched it and it was so good.
It is a movie mainly about man VS. nature. It was in theater during winter.
It is 133 minutes long, meaning if you watch it, it would be for 2 hours and 13 minutes! That's longest anime movie I've heard.
Disney brought the title, "Princess Mononoke" that is from Japan and released it in the US. It was aired in Germany, and other countries.

The MPAA (I dunno what it stand for) have rated the movie PG-13.
The movie have many gore (blood, violence, killing, etc.) scenes. I have a pic of a guy's arms which was cut off. Why was it rated PG-13? Well, I don't really care but I'm worrying about the little children. There was children at the theaters. I wonder if it influenced them or something? It is not some "cartoon" funny *ha-ha* movie! It's serious, dramatic movie.
The movie is very good, I was already interested from to the start, giving me suspense until to the end. When it was over, I was sooooo upset. I had expect for something to happen between a certain couple. =)
There will be no cut, and it is very expensive movie, with computer animation and graphics.

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