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Super Hyperspeed Grandoll

Be careful what you wish for! Hikaru was always a huge fan of anime heroes. Other than her overprotective, mad scientist father, Hikaru thought she was just an ordinary girl. She was wrong. Now her fantasy is about to become reality. Little does she realize, but Hikaru is really the Crown Princess of Planet Gran, who was rocketed to safety when her world was plunged into a long and terrible civil war. Heir to the fabulous Royal GranDoll Armor, Hikaru possesses the power far beyond those of ordinary anime fans! When invaders from Hikaru's homeworld come looking for the Royal Armor, Hikaru discovers that being an anime hero is a lot tougher than it looks on TV!

This is best viewed with 1042 X 786 and you can scroll down and up using the arrows.

Episodes: 3

Minutes: 90

Genre: [various]

  1. Comedy: gasp, here come my crush omigosh thing
  2. Sci-fi: robot, transformation
  3. Action: zap robots off
  4. Drama: gasp, my boss's really a bad guy, after all

Rating: [PG-13]

  1. Violence: ppffft. fighting yeah but no blood. cute fight.
  2. Nudity: two females in hot tub. hot springs. changing clothes. (thats why i gave this the rate pg-13)
  3. Cuteness: uhh.. schoolgirl type. cute boy, tho.
  4. Intelligible: nope. it's so predictable.
  5. Bleeping: no, that i can remember of.
Release: U.S. Manga Corp., 1999?

[ my review ]
Grandoll- one thing i should say before stating my opinions. It have pink. Alot. Anyway, the plot is normal. You have a schoolgirl who didn't know that she have power using a mecha body! Gasp gasp! And theres the boy she's crushing on! Oh nooo!
Ok, im making it sounds awful, lol. Honestly, what I dont like about this is its predictable storyline. However, the animation is nicely drawn, have some good movements. I actually like the bad guy and the bad-turned-good girl's relationship better than anyone.
This is good for anyone who's interested in at cute mecha and a predictable story. Ooh, there's bit predictable humor in it, too. Gotta to love that 'turned-to-stone-when-crush-is-present' routine!

[ others' reviews ]


Before we start with other reviews, here have a great galleries of Grandoll, and plus I use a few of his screenshots.

Okashi: Anime and Manga Fan Guide firesenshi

I'm okay with pink and I am even one of the few who do admit that but Hikaru is just too pink -- from her hair to her armor that if I didn't blink as much I thought I'd seen some pink dust over there or so. he he... Seriously now, one can identify with Hikaru's fascination of heroes and that she wants to be one. +

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