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"Boots" Villere's Family Links

The purpose of this page is to share information and possibly find other family members. Many thanks to Mary Yates Villeret for the countless hours of research she has shared.

Luis Villeret
7th Generation

According to the Land Claims in the District of Kaskaskia, Luis Villeret was a land owner in that area. At this time, each head of family were allocated 400 acres of land. For reasons unknown, he travelled to New Orleans, Louisiana. He married Catherine Langlois, a native of Ireland, but that date remains unknown.

In 1694, they had moved up river to Natchez, Mississippi. Perhaps they were trying to avoid the heat and mosquito infestation. Records show that Luis and his son Abraham had a contract with the city of Natchez to supply bricks for construction.

On February 26, 1697, Luis and Catherine returned to New Orleans leaving Abraham to liquidate all holdings and settle all debts. Luis died shortly thereafter leaving us believe that he returned due to illness. Catherine, his 45 year old widow, died August 27,1699 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Abraham Villeret
6th Generation

Abraham Villeret was born to Luis and Catherine Langlois Villeret. He married Tabita Russ, daughter of Ezekias and Rebecca Elbe Russ. This union produced 5 children. Charlotte, Abraham Edourd, Eugenie, Jules Alford, and Louis. After the death of Tabita, he married Euphrosine Langlois daughter of Louis and Perrine Gueho Langlois. They were all living in the Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana area.

Abraham Edourd Villeret
5th Generation

Abraham Edourd Villeret was born May 18, 1799 to Abraham and Tabita Russ Villeret. He married Celeste Porche daughter of Michel and Rosalie Langlois Porche, on August 25, 1823 in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. To this union there were 4 known children. Euchariste, Michel, Martin, and Charles.

Martin Villeret
4th Generation

Martin Villeret was born to Abraham and Celeste Porche Villeret. On July 3, 1856, he married Julie Caroline Carmouche. Julie was the daughter of Louis and Julie Porche Carmouche. To this union 10 children were born. Abraham Clebert, Julie Clodia, Marie Olivia, Francoise Philomene, Collinte, Josephine Felicie, Jean Baptiste Martin, Olympe, Ulysse and Alice. They lived in St. Landry Parish just across the Atchafalaya River from Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.

Jean Baptiste Martin Villeret
3rd Generation

Jean Baptiste Martin Villeret, better known as John was born to Martin and Julie Carmouche Villeret on June 22, 1879 in St. Landry Parish. He married Mary Leonard daughter of William and Felicie Carmouche Leonard. To this union 5 children were born. Ernest, Margie Mae, Cecile, Claude and Albert. John Died August 28, 1921 and was buried in Morganza at St. Annes Catholic Church. They were born, reared and lived their whole lives in Pointe Coupee Parish.

At some point in time the " T " was dropped - no one seems to know why . . .

Ernest Ransdale Villere
2nd Generation

Ernest the first born son of John and Mary Leonard Villere was called "Slim" by all who knew him. He was born April 5, 1912, in Ravinswood, Louisiana. (Pointe Coupee Parish) He married Frances Horner daughter of Oscar and Nancy Elizabeth Harvin Horner on January 20, 1943. To this union 3 children were born. Ramie "Boots", Carl "Rags", and Glen. "Slim" retired from the Borden Milk Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he had a wholesale milk route for many years.

Ramie "Boots" Villere
1st Generation

"Boots" was the first born son of Ernest and Frances Horner Villere. He was born November 20, 1944 in Morganza, Louisiana at Plauche Clinic. (Pointe Coupee Parish) On June 5, 1965 he married Mercedes "Dee" Sanders at Sharon Baptist Church in Erwinville, Louisiana. (West Baton Rouge Parish) "Boots" is A Chief Technican at Pioneer Chemical Company. He is counting down to retirement so that we may pursue our genealogy hobby full time. He has been a good research partner, although his heart was not in it at first. Now, we enjoy not only our time together doing research, but celebrate together after a good "find".

This section is dedicated to the memory of Charles Villeret and the officers and soldiers of Morgan Rangers, Company I, 1st Louisiana Cavalry
Charles Villeret

Charles was one of four children born to Abraham and Tabita Russ Villeret. Not much is known at this time about his life in the early years.

He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 and was then a private in Company K, 2nd Louisiana Cavalry. On October 8, 1861, he resigned this post to take a 2nd Lieutenant rank with Company I, 1st Louisiana Cavalry , Morgan Rangers of Pointe Coupee Parish. He served in Company I for the remainder of the war.

In 1865, he married Rosalie Fortlouis also a resident of Pointe Coupee Parish. To this marriage 11 children were born. Jean Baptiste Abraham, Camilla Nellie, George Ellis, Viola Virginie, Charles Benedic, Joseph Carrol, Mary Aurora, Marie Philomene, Charles Maurice, Michel Merric, and Blanche.

Charles died in Pointe Coupee Parish on September 12, 1884 of a "fever" and was buried in St. Francisville, Louisiana. His wife Rosalie, and three of his sons are buried at Grace Episcopal Church, but the grave site of Charles remains a mystery.

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