Real name:  Unknown
Known as:  Deathwing
Height:  42' 8" (Estimate, from belly to back)
Weight:  Unknown
Race:  Blue Dragon
Class:  A dragon
Age:  1036 years
Weapons:  Jaw, talons, tail, wings.
Additional Abilities:  Breath weapon (lightning bolt) and magic use.
Defenses:  Immune to lightning and dragon scales.
Other notes:  Has a curiosity about humans and their habits.                      
Quote:  "Humans are such curious creatures, they scramble and act in frenzied ways just to amass a small pile of wealth in their short lives rather than learn what they can about the world."                                                                  

                                                 H I S T O R Y

Coming from the world of Krynn, Deathwing is one the of chromatic dragons, his kind being one of the 5 dragons serving Takhisis, Goddess of Evil and the Dragon Queen.  While the blues aren't as crude as the whites, arrogant like the blacks, plotting like the greens, nor covetous and obsessive like the reds, they are willing to make ambushes if they want too, but they have their own honor, viewing any type of retreat to be cowardly.

Deathwing was hatched from a clutch of eggs to a pair of mated blue dragons, but his parents were slain when a group of humans spotted the lair and was assisted by silver dragon.  He instinctively moved away from the eggs where the humans took what they found to sell to the black market.  The silver dragon discovered him and, unable to allow the humans to take him for their own greed, took him and raised him as her own.  

With a dragon of good raising him, he had not a chance to live like his evil brethren.  Instead he was rather an oddity for his good nature.  Soon he realized that he was viewed as an outcast, not a true dragon of good nor was he evil enough to take his place among his true kind.  

After he came of age to be able to live on his own, he set out and staked his own territory in the desert lands where most blues prefer.  There he lived alone for a long time, until he perchanced upon a traveling mage.  

Convincing the mage he was not as evil  like his brethren (the fact the mage wasn't sizzled by a lightning bolt at first sight was proof enough), the mage conversed with Deathwing about the events occuring in Rhydin.  It was then he was given his name for at that moment a pair of brass dragons (enemies of blue dragons) spotted him and immediately launched to battle him, not waiting for any explainations.

The mage was prepared to assist Deathwing, but the blue hurled himself into the air, engaging the brass dragons which threatened everything in the area to him. What followed was an awesome battle.  Deathwing, using the fact his breath weapon far outdistanced the brass's weapon of a cloud of heat, exhaled a 5' wide bolt of lightning that struck one of the brass dragon's directly in the face.  The brass dragon was dead before it hit the ground. The other, realizing that it had little hope of winning in this fight now, turned and fled for its life.  Deathwing was determined not to let it do such a cowardly act.  Using his knowledge of the area to his advantage, he cut the other dragon off and flew above him for a moment.  Then he sank into a powerdive with his talons outstreached, which sank into the flesh of the dragon's back and they both plummeted towards the ground.  At the last moment, Deathwing shoved the struggling brass dragon off of his claws and swooped along the ground, the other slamming into a pile of rocks and almost exploded into a gory mess.

When it returned to the mage, he amptly gave the blue the name 'Deathwing', since he had easily slain two brass dragons all by himself.  Deathwing, or more simply Wing, decided it would work for a name and kept it.  The mage told Wing that he was on a journey towards a hidden tower in the desert because he had heard there was a portal there to another world and he wanted to go through it since Krynn was turning into a world of war and he desired peace.  Wing thought this over and nodded his agreement, decided he would go with the mage.  

The mage, surprised he found a blue dragon willing to help him, showed him his true nature by taking off his hood.  Wing was surprised, though not offended in the least, to discover he had made friends with a lich (undead wizard that used his own magic to keep himself 'alive').  The pair, after some discussion about this new turn of events, made off towards the tower, Wing leaving his trove behind for a female blue dragon he had his eye on earlier that decade.  

Reaching the tower, the pair moved into it, it being so large that even Wing easily fit into it since it was carved from what may have been stone giants deep underground, hence it was hidden.  Finding the portal after some time of search, they moved through it and came upon the world of Rhydin, though the trip through the portal was trapped by the mage who made the gate and they were each thrown to different areas on Rhydin, the portal effecting the mage's mind as he was a fellow magic-user.  

Wing, deciding that searching for his friend would be futile, explored the area and to learn about it. He was amazed at the different things he discovered, one among them being the fact that dragons lived here in as many types as there where different types of humans.  Taking up residence in a desert land he discovered, he started to settle in and afterwards made many trips to human settlements to observe them.  This was a pattern unchanged for about a hundred years.

After a while, time disrupts all patterns in some way, and this pattern was no exception.  On one of his frequent visits to a settlement, he noticed a fortress in the distance he wasn't aware of before and decided to explore it.  He was surprised to find that his friend was now living there, though he was also shocked to find that he had changed drastically.  Assuming it was from the portal, he tried to converse with him, but the lich, unable to remember Wing, started to attack the intruder with his spells.  In the ensuing battle, Wing was able to hit him with a lightning bolt with the same deadly accuracy that had gave him his name back on Krynn, bouncing the bolt off a sheild and into the lich's back, the bolt shocked him back to his senses.  

Helping his friend, he discovered that his friend had assumed the name Evil Heart and had taken this castle away from an order of clerics and paladins.  Suggesting that a new identy would be wise, his friend took up the name Duermos.  

Ever since, they have been steadfast friends and allies.  Each meeting new people through the other.  Most of Wing's friends he met through Duermos and have become his close friends.  One even calls him "Wing-man".