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The Timeline of Krynn

So far there have been 6 Ages in the World of Dragonlance. I don't know if that's right. But that's how much I count. But ofcourse it can only be 5 also.


Age of Dreams

the events of the Age of Dreams are not dated to a specific year, or even century. It is probable that the measuring of time during this period occurred at a scale incomprehensible to man.---Astinus

The Gods awaken:From Chaos the God of All and Nothing come out cchildren preferred to 3 main Gods. All subject to three different things, Good, Evil, and Neutrality.

Stars are born:A universe is forged from Chaos. Sparks fly from the anvil of Reorx, becoming stars in the sky. Worlds are made by the hammer strokes and left to cool. The spirits of the races sing and dance among the stars.

The All-Saints War begins:the three realms of the gods fight for control of the living spirits. The gods of Good press to give the spirits power and control in physical worlds, feeding them toward the greatest of good. The gods of Evil want to subjugate the spirits as servile, slaving beings. The gods of Neutrality desire to let the spirits have their own desires.

End of the All-Saints War:The war ends with an alliance between the good and neutral gods. The spirits will gain power and control in the physical world, yet will be able to choose between Good and Evil.

Krynn is populated:Gnomes, elves, ogres, dragons, and humans are given the world of Krynn as their domain. The races quickly populate across Krynn, claiming regions as their own. The other races force humans into small, desolate corners of the world, and don't bother with them

Age of Light

circa 4000 P.C.: Rise of House Silvanos: The first Synthal-Elish (Council of the High Ones) is formed by Silvanos, on the hill called Sol-Fallan. the many housholds of the elves swear allegiance to each other through Silvanos. Balif, the general, becomes Silvanos's lieutenant. Now united, the elves look to the menace of dragons approaching into eastern Silvanesti.
Birth of the gnomes: Reorx, who forged the world, becomes angry with a group of his human worshippers. He turns them into gnomes.

circa 3500: Graystone (Graygem of Gargath) created: Magic is not known on Krynn yet. Reorx, the god of the forge, creates the Graystone of Gargath by the request of Zivilyn or Chislev. It was suppose to have a small portion of Chaos within it, but something else terrible happened.
Elves triumph: The dragons are driven from Silvanesti. The second Synthal-Elish is called. Elven clans again swear allegiance to house Silvanos. The Kingdom of Silvanesti is decreed. Lands are granted to the major families of the Synthal-Elish. A loose central government overlooks states that are essentially independent.

Circa 3100:Graystone released:Gnomes pull the Graygem from the skies, and it floats across the face of Krynn, leaving disruption and chaos in its wake. Throught the gem, magic is brought to the world. Some gnomes are changed by the gem, creating the kender and dwarven races. Based on what was the attitude of the certain gnomes at the time. The gnomes that escaped or weren't there to observe the Graystone stayed gnomes.

circa 2800:Kal-Thax closed:The region of Ansalon inhabited by the dwarves against all intrusion by any race. Rumors of immense evil emerge from the land, messengers are also forbidden entry.

2692:Second Dragon War of Silvanesti begins:Dragons strike southward from central Ansalon, this time aided by potent magic. The elves rally and resist. Elves from the western provinces save the capital from destruction, forcing the dragons onto the defensive.
Construction of Thorbardin begins:Turning their backs upon the rest of world, the dwarves withdraw into their fortress.

2645:second Dragon War ends: The elves of the west drive the dragons from Silvanesti, and are held as heroes of the land. Humans join in the war to banish dragons from the face of Krynn. A mighty hero, Huma of the Lance, discovers the secret weapon known as the Dragonlance, and uses it to drive the dragons to a negative plane, where they are ordered to sleep for eternity.

2600: Thorbardin completed:Turning their backs upon the rest of world, the dwarves withdraw into their fortress.
Rise of Ergoth:The humans of Ergoth begin exerting their influence beyond the borders of their land. ergoth expands rapidly to the east and south.

2515:Death of Silvanos:The venerable leader of the the elven nation dies and is buried in the Crystal Tomb. His son, Sithel, assumes the leadership of Silvanesti. Sithel immediately orders construction of a tower in honor of his father, to be called the Palace of Quinari.

Age of Darkness

0:Cataclysm: The wrath of the gods descends upon krynn. True clerics canish. The Thirteen Warnings strike, one per day preceding the end of the year. Trees weep blood, fires die or rage uncontrolled, and cyclones strike the Temple of the Kingpriest. On the thirteenth day, mountains of fire fall from the skies.
Istar is destroyed, sinking far below the surface of the newly formed Blood Sea. Ergoth is sundered from the mainland to form two great islands. Waters pour into central Ansalon, forming the New Sea and shrinking the plains of Ansalon. To the south, the land rises and he water recedes. The port city of Tarsis is unscathed, but now lies far from the sea. the Temple of the Kingpriest is shattered with the destruction of Istar, its pieces scattered throughout the planes of the universe.

1 to A.C. 100:Chaos and pestilence:The survivors of the Cataclysm struggle to stay alive. Famine and plague spread across the world. True clerics are unknown. the Knights of Solamnia are persecuted throughout the land, as people find them a handy target for blame. Villages and towns untouched by the Cataclysm vanish because of disease or war. The Foundation Stone of the Temple comes to rest in the Abyss, and is discovered by Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness.

141:Stone planted in Neraka:Takhisis places the Foundation Stone on the barren plain of Neraka, far from any center of population. the stone grows into a twisted and perverted form of the Temple. The Dark Queen enters the world through the portal opened by the stone. Walking among the creatures of Krynn, she awakens her evil dragons and prepares them for the work she has in mind. She then returns through the portal to gather her forces on the Abyssal Plane.

157:Berem find the stone:A young man and his sister discover the Foundation Stone. The man pries a gem loose, against the advice of his sister. They struggle, and the sister is accidently killed. Her spirit, imbued with goodness, inhabits the Foundation Stone. Berem Everman is cursed, the gem embedded in his chest. He cannot gain the peace of death until his sister's soul is released from imprisonment in the stone.

210:Takhisis returns:The Queen of Darkness attempts again to enter Krynn through the portal opened by the stone. To her great frustation, the portal is closed by the presence of the sister's spirit of goodness. Enraged, she casts about for a solution.

287:Dragon eggs stolen:The evil dragons, awakened by Takhisis, keep their presence a secret. They raid the Isle of dragons, the good dragons' lair, and steal the good dragon eggs. Fleeiing with the eggs to the mountains called the Lords of Doom, they hide their cache in the bowels of the volcanoes.

296:The Oath:Acting upon the orders of their Queen, the evil dragons exact the Oath of Neutrality from the good dragons. the oath binds the good dragons to noninvolvement in the coming war. In return, the evil dragons will return the eggs, unharmed, at the conclusion of the war.

300 to 320:Agents of evil:Takhisis sends her agents throught the world, seeking the man with the green gemstone embedded in his chest. She knows that this man is the key to opening her portal once again. She grows increasingly frustrated at Berem's apparent disappearance. eventually, she decides to put her plans into operation.

Age of Dragons

332 to 340:Dragons appear:The savage humans of Sanction, Neraka, and Estwilde discover the evil dragons and set about gathering armies. Nearer to 340, ogres and hobgoblins join the Dragonarmies.

342 to 347:Draconians created:Takhisis instructs the Highlords to create draconians from the eggs of the good dragons. The first draconians, Baaz, are created from brass dragon eggs, Copper dragon eggs for Kapak draconians. Bozak (bronze), Sivak (silver), and finally Aurak (gold) draconians are added to the lists. Trained for combat, Takhisis's forces are ready near the end of 347.

348:War of the Lance begins:In spring, the Dragonarmies pour eastward upon Krynn. Nordmar and Goodlund are overrun with litte resistance; the humans of Khur ally themselves with the evil forces.

349:Takhisis turns to Silvanesti:The Dragonarmies attack Silvanesti. The elves resist more effectively than anticpated. Losses are heavy on both sides. The elves lure the Dragonarmies into ambushes that deplete the evil forces. Takhisis sends her two remaining Dragonarmies, laying waste to the foresttt aas tehy advance toward Silvanost. The elves are decimated and their food stockpiles destroyed. In autumn, the capital is evacuated. the elven fleet sets out for Southern Ergoth, leaving fighters behind.
On the last day of the year, the Dragonarmies approach Silvanost. Realizing the war is lost, King Lorac uses an Orb of Dragonkind, But it siezes control of him instead, plunging the land into chaos.

350:Rearming evil:The Dragonarmies spend a year rebuilding their forces. Takhisis now controls all of eastern Ansaloon.
The minotaurs of Mithas and Kothas are recruited and attempt to stop the elven fleet reaches Southern Ergoth near year's end.

351:Evil turns west:Surging westward, the Blue Army strikes across the Plains of Solamnia, overrunning Kalaman, Vingaard, and much of Solanthus. Disorganized and bickering, the Knights of Solamnia respond slowly. Lemish sides witht he evil forces, but the dwarves of Kaolyn prvide a linchpin on the defenders' right flank.

352:Whitestone Council:Rrepresentatives of the surviving good nations meet on Sancrist Isle for the Council of Whitestone. The elves and humans forge an uneasy alliance. The council is decided by the arrival of Theros Ironfeld, who wears the Silver Arm of Ergoth and bears a Dragonlance.
The Blue Dragonarmy attacks the High Clerist's Tower that blocks the pass to Palanthas. Rallying at last, the Knights of Solamnia drive the Dragonarmy from a field of battle, marking the first modern use of Dragonlances.

The Heroes descover the treachery being wrought on the good dragons' eggs. The good dragons join the war against evil. With their aid, the Whitestone forces surge eastward and reclaim the northen Solamnic Plain. Gutnhar Uth-Wistan and Laurana of Qualinesti lead the Whitestone troops and emerge victorious from every engagement they fight during the summer. The recapture of Kalaman is the beginning of the end, but the Queen of Darkness is determined to pass through the portal of the Foundation Stone. her minions seek the man with the green gemstone
Yet the armies of Whitestone close upon Neraka, and the Queen is foiled. Evil turns upon itself, and the Dragonarmy alliance collapses. The war of the Lance Ends.

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