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Hiya kiddies. Somehow you got here, and I welcome you. I'm Lolita. Note: Due to the fact that Netscape is disgusting and infested with herpes, all the pretty colors and backgrounds don't show up most of the time if you're using Navigator. So get Explorer, dangit. There are links to my email all over the place so you can send me love or hate mail. Or just mail.
3-23-99Yaaaaaargh!! Well hi long time no see, damn is this page a mess. But no matter. I changed my email address, I think I fixed all the links but if I didn't it's diablesse87@hotmail.com. I don't know why I'm putting that on the page since the main reason I changed it in the first place was because I kept getting mail from dirty old men. C'est la vie. So if you happen to be a dirty old man (you know who you are) then leave me alone. Damn, can't you like good literature without getting called jailbait? Yeesh.
1-9-99Happy new year all you little childrens. I got a car for christmas.... I'm telling you people just to bug you in case you don't have cars. But that, contrary to what you might think, is not the reason for this update!! I got ICQ, finally, after 800 years of people bugging me to get it. So as long as you're not a sicko, my number is 27728895 (i think) and you can talk to me and tell me how much you love me. Cause I know all of you do. Hmmmm, anything else? Uhhh, there's actual lyrics on my Clash page Though not really all that many yet, cos i can't find the disk I had them all on, dammit. Oh, I know! New Year's Resolutions! Ummm, I resolve to get more anime pictures, and do the 80's Goth page, and maybe put some poetry on here, and clear out all the outdated crap.....But i can do that later. I've got a whole year. ----love, Lolita
9-19-98 Hey-hey-hey!! The Rasputina Page is up, though it ain't much to look at yet.... Actually it's a lot to look at but not much to read. So go look at it!!

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This Week's Question *(Courtesy of Heathers)*: So you win 10 billion dollars in the Publishers' Sweepstakes or whatever the hell it is. But the same day that big Ed guy gives you the check, aliens land and say they'll blow up the earth in 5 days. What do you do with the money? Click the purdy little quote to answer or send mail to lolitaland@angelfire.com

Well the Question of the Week seems to have turned into the question of the year due to my extreme laziness and the lack of response to the question. But here are what the few people who must truly love me said about it:

I would be sarin, it's undetectable silent, deadly and odourlous. It is also carried by the wind.

Cyanide: because it's on the periodic table of elements and it's romantic....

If I could be any poison, well, it's a toss up. I'd either be Hydrogen Cyanide, or Atropa Belladona (Deadly Nightshade). For the second, just because I like the name... Deadly Beautiful Woman...

why be a poison when you can be a virus? i would be ebola marburg. black vomit oozing from each bodily orifice. yum!

if i could be a deadly poison, id be some sort of sexually transmitted disease (its a poison, sort of) and the person would not know they have it. the would go around having sex with people and a world-wide crisis would happen because so many people got the disease and died from it. i would be unnoticable so no one would know that they got me in their system but id be a big killer...

Hmm, food for thought I guess. But there is one deadly poison you all seem to have overlooked. CRACK!! And I don't see how you missed it because some of you seem to be smoking it. Or maybe that's just me. Crackheads of the world, unite. Or something.

NEW!! 9-13-98 Guess what kids? I have a new pet band. I heard a single of theirs last week, fell in love with it, and blew thirty bucks on their albums last night. Rasputina!! Oh, I just want to eat them all up, their corsets and dirty stockings are so endearingly cute, they stepped out of this big time warp and they have their own little world. Who'da thunk that cellos could sound this great? They have two albums out, Thanks For The Ether(1996), and How We Quit The Forest, which came out about a month or two ago. Anyway, they are a damn peachy band and everyone needs to go out and blow lots of money on their albums, but don't tell too many people cause we wouldn't want them getting all mainstream now would we? Well, Lolita The Great has spoken. I plan to put up my own Rasputina page (as soon as I finish with the damn goth page) someday, but in the meantime you can either go to The Official Rasputina Site or The Unofficial Rasputina Site. (Hint, hint, hint..... the unofficial page has all the lyrics!!)
Well my little lovelies, that's all for now....

Come one, come all!!Listen to me babble!!

Tina the Troubled Teen

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West Siyeeeeeed!What up, c-dog? Not since who-knows-when have we had a president who is such an easy joke and insult target as Clinton. I mean this man is just asking for it. So I gave it to him. Get your own Clinton (with your very own phrase) at Brunching Shuttlecocks.Knock yourselves out.

Coming Soon! My 80's Goth Rock Page!!!

David Bowie, The Cure, Bauhaus (and their various incarnations), Siouxsie and the Banshees!! Not for the faint of heart, no doom cookies please!

Saint Sid the ViciousMeet My Very Good Friend Sid. He Lives Under My Bed. He never killed anyone.

In all my haste to get this page built, I left out a band that is a very important part of my life. The Dandy Warhols!! This is one great band. And the lead singer is good enough to eat.

The Weather in Hell
In the future everyone wil be world famous for fifteen minutes

I really love anime, especially the movie Vampire Hunter D. TheVampire Hunter D Archive Page is a really good place to go. They have millions of links and pictures and tons of other stuff you should go look at. The picture on this page is a chibi picture which means squished and cute. Click here to see a normal one. And if you haven't seen the movie, you need to!! It is available for rental in most Blockbuster stores that I have seen, and Tower usually has it in stock. I think just about anyone can order it for you to buy, including yourself. It'll most likely cost you more than a normal video, but it is sooooooo worth it!

This pic came from some Vampire guy's web page (i forgot the URL and don't really remember how I got there but I think he drew it himself or something so I thought I'd give him credit for it.) I just put it on here cos it's pretty and because I'm going graphic-happy after having figured out how to make my ftp software work.

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