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These posters you see floating below you are of a legendary band called The Clash. I know you guys aren't stupid, and hopefully if you're coming to my page you know who they are. Anyway, this is one of those pages that is always under construction which means you have to keep coming back to see all the shiny new stuff I put on here!
I Have Lyrics For These Albums (not all of them, though)


These are random lyrics, mostly from the first album. More to come.
Janie Jones

He's in love with rock'n'roll woaahh
He's in love with getting stoned woaahh
He's in love with Janie Jones
But he doesn't like his boring job, no...

An' he knows what he's got to do
So he knows he's gonna have fun with you
You lucky lady!
An' he knows when the evening comes
When his job is done he'll be over in his car for you

An' in the in-tray lots of work
But the boss at the firm always thinks he shirks
But he's just like everyone, he's got a Ford Cortina
That just won't run without fuel
Fill her up, jacko!

An' the invoice don't quite fit, 
There's no payola in his alphabetical file
This time he's gonna really tell the boss
Gonna really let him know exactly how he feels
It's pretty bad!

Let them know - how you feel

Career Opportunities

They offered me the office, offered me the shop
They said I'd better take anything the'd got
Do you wanna make tea at the BBC?
Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be a cop?

Career opportunities are the ones that never knock
Every job they offer you is to keep you out the dock
Career opportunity, the ones that never knock

I hate the army and I hate the RAF
I don't wanna go fighting in the tropical heat
I hate the civil service rules
And I won't open letter bombs for you

Bus driver....Ambulance man....Ticket inspector

They're gonna have to indrodduce conscription
They're gonna have to take away my prescription
If they wanna get me making toys
If they wanna get me, well, I got no choice


Ain't never gonna knock

White Riot

White riot-- I wanna riot
White riot-- a riot of my own
White riot-- I wanna riot
White riot-- A riot of my own

Black people gotta lot a problems
But they don't mind throwing a brick
White people go to school
Where they teach you how to be thick

An' everybody's doing
Just what they're told to do
An' nobody wants
To go to jail!

All the power's in the hands
Of people rich enough to buy it
While we walk the street
Too chicken to even try it

Everybody's doing
Just what they're told to do
Nobody wants
To go to jail!

Are you taking over
Or are you taking orders?
Are you going backwards
Or are you going forwards?


In 1977 I hope I go to heaven
Cos I been to long on the dole
And I can't work at all

Danger stranger
You better paint your face
No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones
In 1977

In 1977
Knives in west 11
Ain't so lucky to be rick
Sten guns in Knightsbridge

Danger stranger
You better paint your face
No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones

In 1977
You're on the never never
You think it can't go on forever
But the papers say it's better
I don't care cos I'm not all there
No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones

In 1977
Sod the jubilee
In 1978
In 1979
Stayed in bed
In 1980
In 1981
The toilet don't work 
In 1982
In 1983
Here come the police
In 1984

I'm So Bored With the USA

Yankee soldier
He wanna shoot some skag
He met it in Cambodia
But now he can't afford a bag

Yankee dollar talk 
To the dictators of the world
In fact it's giving orders
An' they can't afford to miss a word

I'm so bored with the U...S...A...
But what can I do?

Yankee detectives 
Are always on the TV
'Cos killers in America
Work seven days a week

Never mind the Stars and Stripes
Let's print the Watergate tapes
I'll salute the New Wave
And I hope nobody escapes

I'm so bored with the U...S...A...
But what can I do?

Move up Starsky
For the CIA
Suck on Kojak
For the USA

Hate and War

Hate and war - the only things we got today
An' if I close my eyes
They will not go away
You have to deal with it
It is the currency


The hate of a nation
A million miles from home
An' get war from the junkies
Who don't like my form

I'm gonna stay in the city
Even when the house fall down
I don't dream of a holiday
When hate and war come around

Hate and war...

I have the will to survive
I cheat if I can't win
If someone locks me out
I kick my way back in

An' if I get aggression
I give it to them two time back
Every day it's just the same
With hate an' war on my back

Hate and war -I hate all the English
Hate and war - They're just as bad as wops
Hate and war - I hate all the politeness
Hate and war - I hate all the cops

I wanna walk down any street
Looking like a creep
I don't care if I get beat up
By any kebab Greek

What's My Name

What the hell is wrong with me?  I'm not who I ought to be
I tried spot cream an' I tried it all I'm crawling up the wall

Whats my naaaame...naaaame...naaaame...

I tried to join a ping-pong club, sign on the door said all full up!
I got nicked, fighting in the road an' the judge didn't even know

What's my name

Dad got pissed so I got clocked
Couldn't hear the tannoy so he lost the lot
Offers mum a bribe through the letter box
Drives you fucking mad

What's my name

Now I'm round the back of your house at night
Peeping in the window--are you sleeping tonight
I laugh at your locks with my celloid strip
And you won't know who came

What's my name


You're such a liar
You won't know the truth if it hits you in the eye
You're such a liar
You're selling your no-no all the time

An' you said we were going out 
To the 100 Club
Then you said "It ain't my scene"
But then you turned up alone
Then you turned up alone

Then you said you'd given it up
Gone an' kicked it in the head
You said you ain't had none for weeks
But baby I seen your arms
Baby I seen your arms

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