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Welcome to Heather's Jimmy Kimmel Page!

Heather's Jimmy Kimmel Page: The Home of the One and Only Jimmy Kimmel Discussion List My page is still undergoing major overhaul, so there's probably still some mistakes. When I get back from my trip on Wednesday, I'll finish it up. Thanks to all of those who have informed me of my mistakes. I do appreciate it! :-) Hello, fellow Jimmy fans! :-) My name's Heather, and I'm the list owner of the original Jimmy Kimmel mailing list. I hope you enjoy this page, and I hope you will seriously consider joining my discussion list, we have a good time. :-) BTW, please sign my guestbook! Below are the other sections of my site that will give you info about Jimmy and my discussion list:

Jimmy's bio
Jimmy links
Haphazardly Happy
(The Jimmy Kimmel WebRing)
This site is owned by Heather.
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