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Hey! Like the new look? I know i said that in the little pop up thingie, but i had to change this! :)

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last updated: May 17: New pop up message.... and apology note on bottom

Hey! Guess what? We're like RIGHT on the verge of goin over our limit of space here so we might be making a second part to ABH&M so when we edit we probably won't do as much... sorry!

hey! ahhhh, i haven't updated in a long time!!!! i just got done with 9 weeks tests last week, yessss!!!! so i have Columbus Day off and i also had last friday off to recover or whatever so that's cool. i'll try to get the Dallas Review posted again, i just need to find the disk i saved it on. so i'll get that up a.s.a.p. oh yea, i changed my sn on AIM again so scroll to the bottom to check that out and i think that's all i have to say for now, keep rockin'!!!:)


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hey if u wanna become a sister site with us, just email us and if we like ur page, then we'll definately put it up! :) And it does NOT hafta be a Hanson page! :) cuz our I site is a Moffatt's site, and it's really cool! go check it out! hehe

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Don't like Hanson? Don't like this page? Then what the heck are you doing here?!? LEAVE! Even if u do like hanson I suggest u go there, they have Hanson and *N SYNC and BSB (yuky) screen savers there! itz really kool :)

Look at him! isn't he cute? i adopted him here click there to get your own!!!!!!! he's sooooo cute!!

after long thought about Hanson Family Privacy, I've decided to take off the info on the hanson sibs...but i'm sure there's a lot of pages out there who have info on the sibs there, but u won't find it here! sorry :)

The Extra Stuff

*Zac Stuff!* *Tay Stuff!* *Ike Stuff!* *Hanson Stuff!* *Pix!* *Middle of Nowhere Lyrics!* *Rewrite MMMBop!* *Snowed In Lyrics!* *3 Car Garage Lyrics!* *Quiz and Survey!* *Links Link!* *Contact Hanson!* *Webrings!* *Zac's Extra!* *Tay's Extra!* *Ike's Extra!* *Win Our Award!* *Thanx!!* *Banners!* *Awards!* *Our Banners!* *P.P.P. (Pen Pal Page)* *About Avey* *About ZoŽ* *Dallas Concert Review!! OMG! i accidentally deleted it! :( i feel really bad now! So if avy wants to retype it it'll be up in a little bit! :) *Cartoon Dolls*

You are # to visit this way awesome hanson page! :) (plus 999999, yes it got started over!)

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If you have ne comments on our page or just wanna talk.....e-mail either one of us and we'll be glad to answer ne questions or write if u wanna e-mail Avie...go here or ZoŽ here or both of us: here :) just send us some e-mail (we LOVE getting e-mail!!!) bye! oh yeah! both of us each have AIM so send us a message.....Zoe changed her sn *again lol* to: glitterbug05 and i *Avy* got a new sn: the4Hanson ok?


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OMG! I *zoe* just went to check our mmmbopchicks email, and i guess we haven't checked it in a while! so if you emailed us for the award or for sister/bro sites then will ya email us again? Cuz they all got deleted!!!!!! :(

Disclaimer: We have not had any relations with hanson *cept for avy's hand shake with Zac* *pout* and most of this stuff on here we have found on the internet or in books... and as for this page... it's not copyrighted... but we would really appreciate it if you didn't copy! thanks :)