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Animal Care's Pet (Birth) Certificates Want to remember that significant pet in your life? Have all of your friends talking about and admiring the unique gift for you and your pet. Our pet (birth) certificates allow you and everyone else to be able to view a few facts about your animal(s). The information that you need to enclose is as follows: 1. Name of Pet 2. State of Residence 3. Present Address 4. Gender 5. Age 6. Date of birth (if known) and/or date of ownership 7. Single birth or did he/she have other siblings in litter 8. Name(s) of owner(s) The cost for the certificate is ONLY $7.50 for the first one and a DISCOUNT PRICE for ones thereafter of only $5.50. Send information and check, cash, or money order to: S.Forer CEO of Animal Care P.O. Box 1293 Abita Springs, La. 70420 Any questions, email: Sincerley, Stephen N. Forer CEO and President of Animal Care God Bless

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