Louisiana clubs

Louisiana does indeed have many venues that brutal bands can play at. From Lafayette to New Orleans to even Sulphur, the scene is beginning to thrive once again. The following is a list of such clubs:

Changes on the Strip
200 McKinley St.
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
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A terrific outdoor bar that features clean-cut jukebox music ranging from Acid Bath to Pantera to Sabbatic Feast. Great atmosphere and great drink prices make Changes a great spot for the fledgling metal band to preform (note that the bar is too small to hold a big band). Bands that have played here include Gortician, Sabbatic Feast, Despondency, Goatwhore, Catholicon, Xevex, Mutilated B*tch, Stab Sassy, and many others.
Dixie Tavern
3340 Canal St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
(504) 822-8268
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Another classic New Orleans metal bar. A bit smaller than Zeppelins, but they still have some great quality acts like Goatwhore, EYEHATEGOD, Exhumed, and many more!
Grant St. Dance Hall
113 W. Grant St.
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
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Grant St. still remains one of the older metal clubs in the Lafayette area. The club is perhaps the biggest metal club in fifty-miles, and they have featured bands such as Liquid Sand, Swill, At the Gates, Napalm Death, Crisis, Choke, Incubus, Kid Rock, Sevendust, etc.
Main St. Club
719 South Main Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
A definitive heavy metal club (all ages all the time) that is open every Friday and Saturday. No alcohol and no re-entry, but no other club has been consistently true to the death metal and black metal scene as Main St. has. Despondency, Soilent Green, Sabbatic Feast, Guilt Trip, Necrotomy, Suture, Crucifixion, Crisis, Master, Requiem, Warhead, Eternal Sombre, Gortician, Striken Fate, Choke, Captain Howdy, Acid Bath, Crowbar, etc. etc. have graced this hall in the past.
Shanahans on the Strip
1510 Jefferson St.
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
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Shanahans is one of the bigger clubs in Lafayette to play at. With an elevated stage and club-provided sound man Burt Fakler (one of the best sound men I have ever known), it is also one of the most comfortable local clubs. Bands that have played here include Fates Warning, Sabbatic Feast, Suture, Crisis, Agent Orange, Soilent Green, and Despondency among countless others.
The Spanish Moon
1109 Highland Rd.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
This newer venue is a theme bar that has become somewhat popular over the past year. Two-stories including a lounge area and an elevated stage, not too many metal bands have played there as of yet. The weekly goth-themed night has brought a very unique crowd in as well as a great deal of goth and goth-metal bands. Bands that have played here include Xymox (goth), Kali-Yuga (goth-metal), Catholicon (black metal), and Diary Of Dreams (goth/doom) among several others.
3712 Hessmer Ave.
Metaire, Louisiana 70002
Positioned on the out-skirts of New Orleans, the majority of big name death metal bands end up stopping here while ripping through the South. Huge crowds almost always show up for extreme metal shows, and we all definitely thirst for live metal. Bands that have played here include Death, Acid Bath, Goatwhore, Soilent Green, Crowbar, Abuse, Choke, Sabbatic Feast, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Samael, Nile, Nevermore, Dimmu Borgir, etc.

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