This is the first full bomber with transformable ability produced by E.B.S.I.S. The Soviet military intelligence and KGB know that so-called Robotech Expeditionary Forces building new type of transformable mecha. After obtaining and analyzing schematics trough the network of agents, aircraft bureaus started to under project of building transformable bomber, and booster-bomber. The Tu-400 which is done by Tupolev Aircraft Desighn Bureau is pretty much unique plane and first in its class, though as bomber for Air Force prove impractical ( some fighter veritech can carry same payload), after transferring to Space Corps, Tu-400 finally found its place.


Vehicle Type:

Tu-400 Striker-Bomber

Tu-400A Space Striker-Bomber

Tu-400 B Two-Seatter Striker-Bomber

Class: All-environment variable attack aircraft

Manufacturer: Tupolev Aircraft Desighn Bureau

Crew: One pilot wearing Tactical Life Support System


G.M. Notes:

* Destroying the head of the Tu- 400 will knock out the mecha's major sensor systems, includingall of the optics systems (infrared, nightvision, thermal). Radar and communications will alsobe knocked out, though a backup radio system will allow the pilot to communicate if needed.

** Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha. The pilot and ejection sit will automatically ejected from the doomed mecha if the reinforced pilot's compartment has not been breached (and the pilot killed) by the bomber main computer and parachute to safety.


Running, Soldier Configuration: 86 kmph

Leaping, Soldier Configuration: 6 m high & 14 m long thrusters unassisted

Flying, Soldier Configuration: 370 kmph maximum speed limit, can also hover indefinitely

Flying, Fighter Configuration:1,060 kmph max speed at 9,000 meters or less above sea level.1,980 kmph. max speed at 9,000-40,000 meters above sea level. The maximum altitude 40,000 meters without rocket booster assistance.



15 m is in battloid configuration

5.9 m is in bomber configuration


8.2 m at battloid in soldier configuration

21.7 m in bomber configuration (wingspan)


5.2 m is in battloid configuration

19.1 m is in bomber configuration


Max T-O Weight: 40,000 kg

Physical strength:

Equal to a P.S. of 70


Small compartment behind pilots seat for personal belongings.

Power Plant:

Two NPO Energy compact nuclear-fusion turbine engines with additional high-maneuverability thrusters for additional maneuverability on mecha hull and thruster optional busters which include paired super boosters and added propellant storage or dual solid-fuel rocket boosters.


Effective unlimited. Nuclear-Fusion reactor power source provides enough energy to operate for 12 years of continued use. Average life span of power system is 20 years before changing engine and 7 years for exchange protoculture amplifier battery.


1.QUAD-BARREL GATLING GUN POD: The only close-range weapon carried by the Tu-400 is a large multi-barrel gun pod somewhat similar to the classic AKG-101 used by the TI-002 Orlan. The gun pod is hand-held when the Tu-400 is in soldier mode, and is mounted on a special hardpoint along the centerline of the bomber. The gun pod can fire in either mode, but is limited to the forward arc of the bomber in fighter mode.

Primary purpose: Assault/Defense

Secondary Purpose: Anti-mecha

Range: 1,000 m

Damage: Does 5D6 M.D. for a short burst, 2D6x10 M.D. for a long burst, or

3D6x10 M.D. for a full melee burst.

Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of combined attacks of the pilot.

Payload: 300 rounds per clip equals 30 short bursts, 15 long bursts, or 5 full melee bursts. Additional ammo clips can be inserted, but exchanging clips requires 2 melee actions. One spare clip is stored in each leg of the mecha.

2. ANTI-AIRCRAFT PULSE LASERS: The Tu-400 mounts a pare of pulse lasers for use in air combat skirmishes and for defense porpoises. The lasers mount under of the fuselage in special housing and can be fired in any mode. They capable of limited rotation and swinging.

Primary purpose: Assault Anti-Mecha

Secondary Purpose: Defense

Range: 2,500 m

Damage: Laser fire simultaneously in pare so damage four both 2D4 x 10 M.D. per single blasts or 3D4 x 10 M.D. per single beam of full melee round.

Rate of Fire: The lasers can be fired at in rapid pulses up to 6 blasts per round. A rapid fire blasts count as bursts of up to 6 shots.

Payload: Unlimited

3. PARTICLE BEAM CHUP-198a: This powerful weapon fires a devastating beam of charged particles. It is top right wing mounted when Tu-400 in bomber configuration, and on the back when in battloid modes. In case of the battloid mode the canon typically points horizontal, but can fold up and down to shoot in a 45 degree angle.

Primary purpose: Assault, Anti-Mecha

Secondary Purpose: Defense

Range: 4,000 m

Damage: Does 3D6 x 10 M.D. for a single blast.

Rate of Fire: can be fired once per melee round and can be combined with other actions/attacks per melee round.

Payload: Effectively Unlimited

4.WEAPON HARD POINTS: The primary purpose of the Tu-400 is to deliver bombs and other ordinance, and the mecha is equipped with 8 hard points for this purpose. Six hardpoints are wing-mounted (3 on each wing), and two are located on the main body along with a special hardpoint for the gatling cannon. Each hardpoint can hold one long range missile, three medium range missiles, or six bombs. The hard points can also be used to hold special ordinance packages, such as sensor units and electronic warfare suites.

NOTE: Due to the location of the hard points, ALL missiles must be fired or ejected before the Tu-400 can convert into battloid mode.


Primary purpose: Heavy Assault

Secondary Purpose: Anti-Warship

Missile Type: any of E.B.S.I.S standard.

Range: 140 km, varies by the type of the missile

Damage: 3D6 x 10 M.D., varies by the type of the missile

Payload: 1 per hard point, 8 maximum


Primary Purpose: Assault

Secondary Purpose: Anti-Mecha

Missile Types: Any type of E.B.S.I.S. Medium Range Missile

Range: Varies with missile type.

Damage: Varies with missile type.

Rate of Fire: Volleys of 1 to 8 missiles per attack.

Payload: Three per hardpoint; up to 24 maximum.


Primary Purpose: Ground Assault

Secondary Purpose: Anti-Fortification

Missile Type: Standard Soviet bombs, usually high explosive or fragmentation.

Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 M.D.

Rate of Fire: Volleys of 1 to 10 missiles per attack.

Payload: 6 per hardpoint; up to 48 maximum.

Note: Bombs can be laser-guided or unguided. Unguided bombs are -4 to strike a stationary ground target, -6 to strike a moving target(s), and -10 to hit a small moving target like a mecha or vehicle. Guided bombs do not have these penalties, but require a spotter to illuminate the target with a laser designator. If the designator looses sight of the target the previous penalties immediately apply.

HAND TO HAND COMBAT: If necessary, the pilot of Tu-400 may engage in melee combat rather than use a weapon. The transformable bomber is moderately agile and can elute most typical hand to hand combat moves, such as punches, jump kicks, leap attacks, rolling with impacts and etc. with grater power than a usual Transcraft.

Restrained Punch: 2D6M.D.

Full Strength Punch: 3D6 M.D.

"Booster" Punch: 6D6 M.D. ( counts as 2 attacks)

Tear and Pry with Hands: 3D6 M.D.

Kick: 3D4 M.D.

Leap Kick: 5D6 M.D.

Body/Flip Throw: 2D6 M.D.

Body Block/Tickle: 3D6 M.D

Stomp: 3D6 M.D. (only effective against small objects)


TELE-MENTAL BRAIN CONTROL SYSTEM: This revolutionary system was first tested on ground and experimental mecha. The Tele-Mental system allows any with training pilot to link his mind with on board computer of the bomber, and issue control commands to it trough thought. This allows any EBSIS bomber to perform as equally as any "normal" protoculture powered fighter with near human-like reflects. Feedback through impulses and HUD display at pilots helmet and makes all human-like movements possible. Only drawback is to coordinate pattern thoughts, the standard system is crud that if pilot in emotional despair will not be affected courtesy of the computer blockerator, but penalties on rate of movements of mecha.

AUTO-PILOT: The Tu-400 is equipped with a computerized auto-pilot. Although not as complex as those equipped on some other E.B.S.I.S. fighters , it can be reasonably trusted to get the bomber from point A to point B safely. The onboard computer will alert the pilot when the bomber is near its destination, and can also be set to automatically signal when sensors detect objects near the mecha.

COMBAT COMPUTER/HUD DISPLAYS: The Tu-400 is equipped with a combat computer that can store and analyze data during combat with hostile forces. The entire cockpit canopy of the Sukhoy is a large HUD display, which allows to show a lot of data, besides separate HUD display in pilots helmet. The combat computer tracks and identifies specific targets and has database over 10,000 images stored in memory. The computer can truck up to 100 targets.

THE ESCAPE SYSTEM: The entire reinforced cockpit of the TI-400 has a detachable escape pod with a zero/zero ejection seat, meaning that the pilot can eject from his mecha even if the craft is standing still. The pilot which can be jettisoned when mecha is destroyed. The ejected cockpit has small correctional set of trusters and also equipped with locator beacon, for atmosphere the pare of parachutes included as with emergency flotation devises. Cockpit ejects automatically if mecha's M.D.C. is limited to 0, unless pilot feels suicidal.

EXTERNAL AUDIO PICKUP: Range 150 m, a sound amplification system that can pickup normal conversation up to 150 m away.

HEAT AND RADIATION SHIELDS: Special shielding prevents the penetration of life threatening heat and radiation. A radiation detection and alarm system are linked with the shields and will sound an alarm if there is a rupture in the shields and what the levels of radiation are.

HOMING SIGNAL: The ejection pod of the Tu-400 is equipped with a homing device that enables rescue teams to locate a disabled craft or ejected life pod. The range of the signal is 200 km. Most E.B.S.I.S. ships and transformable aircraft can locate and track homing signals, and the onboard computers will automatically notify their pilots if such a signal is detected.

DOPPLER LOOK-DOWN-SHOOT-DOWN TARGET FINDER SYSTEM: A standard look and shout highly advanced target finder system which directly inks via telemental control to pilots brain which gives a bonus of +4 to search and target ( strike) with range up to 500 km. Used for increased accuracy in the striking of enemy targets and is partly responsible for the mecha's strike bonus.

LASER TARGETING SYSTEM: Unlike UN fighters this system is supplement to Doppler system which enhance the ability, but can function as back up to rang of 100 km, use as strike bonus the mecha strike bonus

LOUDSPEAKER: A loudspeaker system is built into the craft, which can be used to amplify the pilot's voice up to 90 decibels.

OPTICS: INFRARED: Range: 500 m. This optical system projects a beam of infrared light that is invisible to the normal eye, but detectable by the mecha's sensors. The system allows the pilot to detect hidden/concealed objects by their IR reflectiveness. The beam will be visible to anyone with IR sensitive optics, however.

OPTICS: NIGHTVISION: Range: 500 m. A passive light image intensifier that emits no light of its own, but relies on ambient light which is electronically amplified to produce a visible picture.

OPTICS: TELESCOPIC VISION: Range: 1,300 m. A visual magnification system that can focus and magnify images up to 1,200 m. away.

OPTICS: THERMAL IMAGER: Range: 500 m. A passive optical heat sensor that detects infrared radiation projected by warm objects and converts that data into a false-color visible image. The system enables the pilot to see in the dark, in shadows, and through smoke, and also adds a +10% bonus to pilots using a tracking skill.

RADAR: up to 2000km range

RADIO/VIDEO COMMUNICATION: Long range, directional communications system with satellite relay capabilities. Range: 1,000 km. or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite relay.

SELF-DESTRUCT: To prevent capture of a transformable bomber by the enemy, the pilot can activate the Tu-400's self-destruct system, which will cause the fighter to explode after a delay of up to 60 minutes (time is set by the pilot). Assuming most of the Tu-400's ordinance has been ejected beforehand, the explosive damage is contained within a 6 m. area and inflicts 2D3x10 M.D. to everything within the radius of the explosion. All internal systems are obliterated. The escape pod will be automatically ejected prior to the explosion unless the pilot overrides the ejection sequence.

STANDARD SURVIVAL KIT: All E.B.S.I.S fighters/bombers come equipped with a portable survival kit. Inside the small reinforced box is a medium-sized flashlight, two hand flares, one rocket flare, a compass, infrared distancing binoculars, a small mirror, a pocket knife, dehydrated and concentrated food (can be stretched into a five day supply for one person) and basic first aid items (aspirin, bandages, disinfectants, etc.)

TACTICAL LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM: The Tu-400's cockpit is pressurized, and also provides additional air feeds to the pilot's flight suit that provides him with pressurized breathing. The Soviet Air Force flight suit also contains an upper and lower g-suit that promotes blood circulation even during high-g turns, thus decreasing the possibility of pilot's blacking out in combat and goes with sets of body armor and combat exoskeleton.


Basic training for non-pilot military personnel.

For all transformable fighters, bombers with non-use tele-mental control training include

1 attack per melee (plus those of the pilot).

Add one additional action/attack at levels three, nine, and fifteen.

+1 on initiative.

+1 to strike.

+1 to parry

+1 to dodge in battloid mode, +5 in jet mode.

+1 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.

No leap dodge.

No leap kick.

Critical strike same as pilot's hand-to-hand.

Body block/tackle/ram - 1D6 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.

Advanced training for pilots specializing in the tu-400

The training for all tf bombers with tele-mental control include

3 attacks per melee ( plus those of the pilot)

Add one additional action/attack at levels three, six, eleven, and fifteen.

+2 on initiative.

+2 to strike

+2 to parry

+2 to dodge in solder mode, +4 in gerwalk, +6 in jet mode.

+2 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.

+2 to leap dodge. A leap dodge is an automatic dodge which causes no loss of attacks per melee. Critical strike same as pilot's hand-to-hand.

Body block/tackle/ram - 2D6 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.