Welcome To The Ghost's Haunted House

Why hello out there, it seems you have stumbled acrossed my humble abode. It's so nice of you to come to see me, please do make yourself at home, but don't touch the light switches you might get fried. Something or another to do with looking like Don King or some shiznit. I'm one of those crazy souls that like the dark, love the night and that's why all the wires are crossed, ~~scratches his head and says~~ I think, then again they could be cursed you never do quite know with me. I seem to strive to keep everybody guessing, which is a bad thing because I leave myself confused at times. ~~shrugs~~ Eventually your eyes will adjust to the dark and you'll be able to see me, maybe. Of course there is a little bit of light be it only candle light but light the same. We wouldn't want you to get to like my home called the night too well, I might get jealous and then scorpio nature would tend to take over.

Now people want to know who this lost soul The Ghost is?? That's nothing new, everybody wants to know who I am. Well I can't really help you in that department because even I have no clue at times as to who I am or why I'm even here. All I can tell you is tour my humble abode make yourself at home but not too much so and you might get a little insight into what makes me tick. All the peoms on my poem page I are mine, most will be updated soon, all the songs are songs I liked and decided to write the lyrics down so others can read them. Well anyway enjoy your tour just beware of the lights and please sign THE DAMN GUEST BOOK. Well at least I said please.

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