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does this mean I need to get a picture for this page too?

This is my page on books. Yes books. I read!
It's about books that I like, not really about anything else. Like,.... Okay so you can pretty much guess that I like books in the sci-fi, fantasy genre. Xanth, Dragonlance, Wheel of Time and others I think rock in this world for fantasy. They're so awesome and imaginative. Their storylines have a goal, not like some other books that are always the same.

Okay I don't like all fantasy books and the other genres I usually delve in are literary classics, poetry, history/ancient history, archaelogy, new age, and other stuff like that.
Mystery, Suspense, Horror, and Thriller's don't really hold anything for me. I leave that to the movie business which I am probably called an addict of. But NO! I do not stay at home in the dark in a little corner playing my computer, with the TV on and cringe in fear when the light turns on and I'm holding a book in my hand.

Some favorite books of all time that I have ever read are:

*The Count of Monte Cristo-This is about a man who suffers much in his whole life because of a lie sent by a jealous man, on his wedding day which sends him to jail for over 20 years. And when he finally escapes he slowly takes his revenge.
*The Legend of Huma (dragonlance saga)-This is about the legendary hero Huma, who saved the world of Krynn from the Dark Queen Takhisis. It tells of his life as an outcast among the Knight's of Solamnia, and his strange love with a silver dragon. Till his death and burial as one of the greatest knight's.
*Wuthering Heights-Of all the books of depression, madness, and wierdness you have to read this one. It delves into the lives of Heathcliff and Catherine who have a sad fate through tormenting times.
*Pride and Prejudice-Exactly what the title says. It's about the lives of Elizabeth and Mr. D'arcy, the ongoing Pride and Prejudice which keeps them apart with hilarious ways and often frustating other snobby characters. But it all ends well for the first time with what you want to happen in it.
*The Legends Trilogy (Dragonlance Saga)-The tale of Raistlin, and Caramon Majere, Crysania the cleric of Paladine, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot, two years after the War of the Lance. One of the greatest Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman books ever written. Time travel, adventure, power hungry shits of characters, Gods, love, lots of killing and Cataclysmic 13 days of warning. It has all that and more.
*Sense and Sensibilty-Like all chick books, I like this one. Because it was better than them. And that's all I have to say about it. You can view it in a modern way and it would be just like a life you might now or have.
*War and Peace-Held in the time of Napolean, like the Count of Monte Cristo. This is based in Russia in the time before Napolean conquered Russia and later when his troops left defeated. It's almost like the movie with Audrey Hepburn, and Henry Fonda. But it's better. Most of the time movies just ruin the book.
*The Client-Smart Ass of a book. Also a very good movie. Love most of the stuff John Grisham writes. This book is just too smart!!!!
Poetry of Percy B. Shelley-A collection of this authors greatest works.
*Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe-A collection of his greatest works.
*A Selection of Lord Byron-A selection of his poetry. Read the title!
*The Mists of AvalonOne of the best books I think, that has ever been written about Avalon, and the King Arthur legends. It's so detailed and you feel like you can be one of the characters or play their roles, and you feel their joy and frustations and sadness. It is written through the eyes of the women that have ever been or talked to King Arthur. It's the women's view of the story, and mostly about the main character Morgaine Le Fay otherwise known as Morgan of the Faeries. It is the best book I think right now since I just read it.

Okay I think I'll stop right there. There's too many to list. But EWWWW!!!! check that list it sounds like I'm a sap or something doesn't it?
Oh well those are just like 1/3 of all my favorites. Most of them are oldies. I forgot the others names. Hey but they're really good books. I recommend them to anyone that likes those kind of books.

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