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Crysania's AD&D Haven

I started a new campaign, with fresh players, better than the one that is described below. I'm working on a whole new world, and it is basically planned out on clan wars and the players just being in the wrong place at the wrong time... I need to think up a better description than this ARGH! Can't really explain it, it is completely new, and so far all the players like it. YAY! Though many have screamed that I was secretely planning their deaths in the game, which we all know is not true! ARgh BLeh.

Well my campaign that I am DM of takes place in a world I created, but since I can't make maps of a whole entire world fast enough. I base some cities from the Dragonlance world. Haha my players have just defeated 146 npc pirates. I somehow feel that they are too strong now and it is time to do something about it.This Campaign does not take place over the net.
Our heroes were recently captured but Qualinesti rangers scouting the perimeters of the land at the time of tension between the humans and elves for their kidnapped prince. With much convincing the heroes were released if they left one object of importance in Qualinesti to keep their word that they were trying to rescue the prince.

Well since the players couldn't think fast enough. The Prince was killed, now there is war with the Silvanesti against the Ergothian Empire. Within that, the players have to help the Kagonesti gain their freedom from their slave bonds.

Latest news on this campaign, we all switched over to play Timelord: The Destruction of Time. But then that one just kind of ended too. So now we're playing Vampire: The Masquerade, it's a game done by White Wolf Studios. I started off Storytelling for that Campaign but I handed the job over to my friend cause I wanted to play more. Kind of get's boring Dm'ing all the time. Soon though I might start up another campaign based on Dungeons & Dragons for a group of people that are friends with my friend that want to play, or they just might join us to play VTM too. We're also thinking of building a website dedicated to our VTM gaming sessions and characters.

Here are a few descriptions of the characters which is really brief:

Quest for Atonement and Eternal Peace
Quest for Glory and Wealth
Quest for Revenge and Truth
Quest for Power and Being
Quest for Redemption and Life
Quest for Vengeance
Quest for Understanding
Quest for Fairness in all Things
Quest for Acceptance
Quest for Domination

It is really up to yourself to try to pinpoint one of these on the players. And if you are a player you would pretty much know what you fit into as.

Characters that are this color are inactive at the moment. Or are on their own quests for power. Also some characters may have a bio about them if they want one. Extra note, that these characters arent' in play any more.


Players of my Campaign

Name Sex Class Race Alignment
Kaine Male Shatten Jäger Half-Elf Lawful Good
Zandra Shar Female Cleric Human Chaotic Evil
Caleb Stone Male Fighter Half-Elf Lawful Good
Violet Moonfire Female Cleric Elf Lawful Good
Nicolette Catalan Female Ranger Half-Elf Neutral Good
Dominique Riveste Female Thief Elf Chaotic Good
Cassandra Female Druid Human Lawful Good
Cassidy Female Mage Half-Elf Lawful Good
Eric Male Fighter Human Chaotic Evil
Jaiylean Bashere Female Paladin Avatar Lawful Good
Zenthynar Nightbringer Male Druid Half-Elf Lawful Good

Character Record Sheets I have Created

Here are a list of character sheets I have made on my spare time and use for my characters since I couldn't really find the perfect one on the internet. I'll be making more soon, since I'm going to make one for each class I play which are, Psionic, Paladin, Fighter, and Druid. They're mostly basic classes for now. I'll make the more complex ones when I get more info on them.
If you wish to add these character sheets to your homepage, please email me and give the following credits. © Katherine Lau and add a link back to my homepage.
The following files are in .zip format. To open them you need to get either Winzip, PKzip, Power Zip, or any other program that allows you to Unzip files. You can also send me Character Sheets that you have made if you want me to post them up.

Psionic Character Sheet this is in .rtf format.

Psionic Powers Table this is in .doc format.
Cleric Character Sheet this is in .rtf format.
Bard Character Sheet this is in rtf format.
Thief Character Sheet this is in .rtf format.
Ranger Character Sheet this is in .rtf format.

At the moment the original characters are in the Quest called Wild Elves. While their counterparts are playing another quest called "Time Lord: Destruction of Time". It's really cool, it allows you to travel to time, hence the title. Cause all these portals are springing up from nowhere cause there's this big battle in the Abyss. So the portals lead to different planes also. But I don't DM this one. Our Druid (Zenthynar) player does. I'm a psionic in this one. YAY.
Time Lord: Destruction of Time


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