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These Bands Are Annoying!

The Rankin Family

Why would anyone want to be in a band/group with their family anyway? I think their songs are really annoying.


Oh yippee...a violin! Thats all they play! To me that kind of music is boring.

Philosopher Kings

Their songs are sooooo annoying! The main singer looks gay and his voice sounds like a girls! Ewwwwww! People say BSB and 98 Degrees are gay?? What about Philospher Fags?

Fatboy Slim

They only play one song on the radio which is "Praise You" but even that song sucks! Not only is the song annoying but what about the video? Oh yippee! A bunch of people circling around other people dancing and kicking their feet! What a cool video NOT!

Cleopatra XYZ

Well okay..they arent that bad when they sing but their accents are sooooooo annoying! And they made fun of Aaron Carters voice? They should listen to their own and see who sucks! Also that stupid CLEOPATRA COMIN AT YA is stupid!! Shut UP!!!

Blues Traveler

Their songs are annoying just like the other bands. If these reasons suck..then oh well because lots of people have stupid reasons!