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People That Suck!

There are some people out there that are worse than the immature bastards on the internet.


How could anyone have the guts to take away someones life for no reason at all? On the news all the time they say someone is murdered and half the time they kill whoever they can..even if its a person walking by at night or something. Whats killing people going to do? Prove that they are cool? I dont think so! Only no life people who have nothing else to do would kill people or animals. If any murderers ever happen to see this...why do you do it?


If a girl says no sex he should listen to her. Why should the guy get what he wants even the girl doesnt? That is so sick what some people can do!

Racist People

There is nothing wrong with blacks or jews or any of those people. All those "WHITE POWER" people make me want to puke! Just because they arent the same color as them it doesnt mean they have to be so rude or especially kill them! "Nigger" is probably the meanest thing anyone could say! I know that the world would be boring if people were always nice to each other but it pisses me off when people make fun of others because they are different than them. Also why do people have to be so mean to gay people? They are just the same but they like the same sex they are!