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Movies/TV Shows


The Breakfast Club
That movies about the five kids who got detention for a day. It has Judd Nelson(John the rebel) Emilio Estevaz(Andy the Jock) Ally Sheedy(Allison the Basketcase) Anthony Michael Hall(Brian the brain) Molly Ringwald(Claire the Princess)..Paul Gleason is also on it and he plays the principal.

Remember..keep them away from sunlight..sunlight will kill them. Keep them away from water. Dont give them any water to drink and whatever you do dont give them a bath. And probably the most important thing..dont ever feed them after midnight. Billys dad who invents things goes to this shop in China town to find his son a present and hears this singing coming from a box. It ends up being a cute little creature called a Mowgai and after taking him home after the man said "no" he gives him to his son and tells him the three rules about him. After Billy ends up breaking two of the rules the one Mowgai turns into lots of slimey green ugly monsters!

Star Wars/Return of the Jedi/Empire Strikes Back
Do Yoda and Chewbacca ring a bell?


the show about the cute little alien that comes to a families house after his space ship breaks down

Potatohead Kids
The cartoon about those kids shaped like potatos

Fraggle Rock

The show with those underground creatures! Remember those little men called Doozers?

Full House
Full House is still on nowadays(re-runs)but it first came out in the 80s. Its about this family who loses their wife/mom/whatever and the uncle and friend end up moving in and by the end of the show which was in 1995 there are like 9 people in the same house!

Perfect Strangers

Remember cousin Larry and Balki?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles
Remember those four turtles that with the nunchucks that lived under ground and ate pizza?

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