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Let Drew and Justin Sing!
by Moi again its about just what the name says!

Let Howie and Kevin Sing
Its by moi again and its just like the Drew and Justin one!

Teenybopper Bitches Suck!
Again by moi and its about those immature crying screaming fans of pop groups! You mature fans arent bad at all but the screaming crying and annoying ones suck(no offense if you are one)!

Movie Script
It used to be about cute guys but there were so many guys that I changed it to a movie script like Scream kind of movies. It doesnt have a name yet though.

Official 98 Degrees

Official N Sync

Official Backstreet Boys

Caitlins Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Board

Official David Boreanaz
Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Anti-Backstreet Hangout
by Chris

Death To The Backstreet Boys

N Sync N Duces Vomitting
Anti-N Sync..obviously!

Anti-FagStreet Bastards

We Hate Backstreet Girls Message Board

Outsiders Totally Cool Website

Discodaddys Disco Page

for people who like blood and guts!