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~*Britneys*~ World!

This is Agent Mulder and Scully!

If you are obviously want to know about little old moi and only moi right? No just kidding If you dont care to know about me(why would you care?)you can leave or whatever you want! If you want to know my real name and birthday and things that annoy me or you like the Simpsons...superb!!! I am a 19 year old girl from Fort Saskatchewan which is really close to Edmonton which is the capital city of Alberta which is in Canada(for whoever doesnt know)! If you want to know anything on what you want to know! Adios amigos!

This is 98 of my fave groups! Arent they cute?

Click if you want to know my real name and stuff!

Things I Like
If you dont care dont click here!

Things I Hate!
Again..Dont go here if you dont care!

Once again if you dont care..dont click here!

A list of all my CDs!
For anyone who cares!

Pictures of some of my Pets
The pictures arent up yet!

These are songs that me myself and I made up alone!

Bands That SUCK(to me anyway)!
Sorry if the reasons suck!

click here if you like 98 Degrees or Korn or hate or like the BSB!

The Simpsons!
Whoever doesnt know who they are also click there!

the 80s!
80s music and stuff like that!

Is there any dreams that you had that you like?

Do you have any poems?

Do You Believe in Ghosts or Anything like That?

People That Suck
Racist people and people like that!

Stories That are Both True and Fake!
There is one already. Its a true one by Crystal Wilkins about her killing her sisters cat.

Whats the Big Deal About Boybands?
Just so you know...I like them but I dont know why lots of people make big deals about them!

Friends..and Enemies On the Internet

Just like the name says!

I dont think Manson is cute but he is still cool.

Please dont leave without signing the guestbook so I know you wanted to know about me!

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April 7 1999