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Friends...and Immature Enemies

These are some of the cool people on the internet. They are really cool and I would want to meet them someday!

These are all the mature haters of boy bands..

Outsider..a mature guy who doesnt hate the BSB but just hates their music. He is the owner of My Totally Cool Website

Ray..he hates the BSB but is nice to mature haters which is cool. He is the owner of Anti Fagstreet Bastards with his friend Rachel.

Miz OO7..she also hates BSB but even if she doesnt think I am her friend I still think she is mine.

Spam..another BSB hater that is mature.

Kris..another mature hater. Click here to see her page!

Paul Lucas..he is another hater and is in a band. Im sure it would be cool! I cant remember his addy!

H8ter(real name Prerna..I think)..she is again a hater but she is again mature.

UnSpOiLeD(May)..surprise surprise another mature hater of BSB! I remember seeing her page but cant remember her addy!

Chris..a cool BSB hater! His anti-BSB page is Anti-Backstreet Hangout.

Leanne..another cool BSB hater!

Aphrodite(Meghan)..again shes cool!

Anyone who isnt here and wants to be please tell me! They all go HERE!

These are now BSB fans!

Rhonda...she is from B.C and her page is Backstreet Boys World. She is so cool!

Monique..she is so cool! again!


Like before..tell me if you want your name here! These peeps all go HERE!

Cool peeps that dont go to these message boards are..

M.J Stickwell(Mark)..hes the only guy in YOUR FAVORITE BAND SUCKS(I cant remember the addy)that cares about boy band fans!

Joan..she is a BSB hater but is cool(surprised?) HERE!

Jenn..Cat..Jac..Senayt...Vishwa...Ronan(not the BZ member!)..Ryan..Diana...Meghan..and whoever else I forgot..sorry!

Now for the not so cool people...

All these peeps are from YOUR FAVORITE BAND SUCKS..

Smokepuppet..he wants to be a comedian and he calls me rude names just because of the music I like!

Ricardo De LaFaurie Jr(or whatever)..obviously friends with Smoke Boy who also hates me because of the music I like.

Danno..not as rude but he did say something.

Dave..I thought he was cool at first but called me a bitch after.

Cory the Crappyman(crappy is right)..again was rude

Ravecandy..not that bad but called me a 10 year old.

All I have to say is..who cares what music people like? Listen to your music and dont listen to the other music!

These are some immature fans

Sonja..called the haters..and me...on the WHBG message board rude names...and the girls pretending to be married to the BSB cool!

Mindy..told me I sucked because I put reasons to hate boy bands and then theres a picture of 98 Degrees up! Well Mindy..FYI I do like boy bands but I dont think they are 100% perfect!