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Whats the Big Deal About Boybands?

This is 98 of the maturest boy or "man" bands!

Why do people always make such a big deal about boybands anyway? The fans always scream over their fave group and the haters always say how much they suck..well immature ones anyway. To both immature fans and haters...get a life they are just people who are famous and sing! If you like them on t.v or their CD and if you hate them just listen to music you do like! I am a fan of them too but I dont think they are perfect. I think they are usually cute and I like their music too but I think they can sometimes act like snobs and think they are the bestest or they show their bodies off too much...when there are younger fans their too! They can make 8 year old fans horny for crying out loud!

Immature fans...

Its annoying when all the immature fans always have to scream their heads off when they see them on t.v or something! Kids in the mall sometimes talk about which BSB is the cutest and they get all giddy! They are also the ones that have to get mad at people for hating them or they tell other fans to stay away from their man...on the internet!

Immature haters...

How come all the immature haters always have to call them gay and fags? Because they wear two earrings sometimes? Oh please dont do that! I dont think that all you guys who hate boybands are jealous but its stupid to call them fags because they wear two earrings! Well some of you guys at least dont think that people 18 and over cant like boybands! There are people that do! Morons! Anyone can like them hello people!

Why dont all of you immature peeps just get a life and stop spending all your time drooling over boybands or calling them names??