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Songs By Me!

I am proud to admit that unlike all those bands out there who need other people to write their songs for them..that I am not like that.

I have 5 songs already. I am not that big of a country music fan but for some reason after my sister got the Andy Griggs CD thats what made me want to be a song writer. Maybe I will sing them myself..maybe i wont. The lyrics might not be all that great but Im sure its better than some peoples. Just so all you anti fans of love songs know..two of the five are love songs. You want to see them? Please sign the guestbook or something saying what you think of them and if you are a proffesional song writer or are in a band please please please tell me if you think some of the words should be changed around or whatever. And even if you want..take the song and put it in your album! Well here are the songs...

1. Conceited

This song is about…well..the most conceited person I have ever met and I’m sure he’d be the most conceited you’d ever meet too.

He walked down the road
with a beer in his hand
acting just like he's the
King of the Land

Every word that came
from his greasy old lips
was how gorgeous he was
and how good he could whip

Conceited, conceited
That’s what he is
conceited, conceited
his hair was just frizz

He would always come home
with two or more beers
which would make his girl cry
two or more tears

she would be in pain
not just from the bruise
but he would leave her alone
when he went on a cruise


why couldn't the man
just face the facts
that more than half
the things he did was just crap?

but he was just...


verse 1

conceited, conceited

2. Don't Want You Back

This song is about a girl who finds her boyfriend with another girl

I saw you with her
walking away
I called out your name
you had nothing to say
She turned and she stared
with those cold blue eyes
she turned and you laughed
and I wanted to cry

After you called last night
before hitting the sack
I wanted to tell you
I don't want you back.

I got another call
from your new little girl
when she laughed at my voice
I just wanted to hurl
a knife at her head
and send her to hell
just like you and your hair
with that big ton of gel

Why can't you give it up
and go live in a shack
because you know what?
I don't want you back

ohhhhh no no I don't want you back
ohhhhh yeah yeah your just like crap
oooooooh oh oh baby I don't want you back

Hey? Did I mention I don't want you back?

3. I Thought I Was Dead

This one is a true one that happened to me on May 7, 1999 and I hope it helps you not want to do it yourself. I wanted to kill myself a lot in my life and this was one of them…overdosing on pills.

There they sat in the small black bag
Waiting for someone to take them out
I walked over to it and picked them up
And this is what’s its all about…

The room was spinning
I could not stand up
I held on to the wall
Like a suction cup
The ambulance came
And took me away
They asked me questions
I had nothing to say


I was really confused when
I woke in a new bed
I was scared to death
I thought I was dead

Doctors came in
One said his names Rod
I really wanted to know
Why I wasn’t with God?
After awhile came
a girl in a dress
If it wasn’t for her
I would be being laid to rest


Why have I taken
Those nasty old pills?
If it were not for them
I would not be ill
The little girl whispered
Soft in my ear
That she would be there
To keep me here

I’m glad that today
I am still awake
And you shouldn’t take any
For goodness sake

4. Dance With Me

This song is just a love song about a girl who thinks a guy is in love with her but really he isn’t

I saw you in the other side of the room
You were looking straight at me
I know that you were thinking
Of asking me to be
The woman of your dreams
I would take your hand in mine
And we would walk out of the room
And be on cloud nine

Dance with me baby
All night long
Make love to me baby
All night long

I stared into your eyes
And you did the same
Your hair glistened in the moonlight
And it was a shame
When I saw your smile fade
And you disappeared into the dark
Because when I was with you
I knew I felt a spark


Why baby was it
Only one dance?
Why couldn’t you of
Given us a chance?
I felt in love when
I saw you there
With your big blue eyes
And that soft blonde hair.

Chorus X 2

Just dance with me one last time
Oh baby please..

Dance with

5. It Will Not Be Buried

This song is about a horror movie script I made and sing it to the tune of “Pet Semetary” by the Ramones

Something’s looming in the dark old house
Its not a kitty and its not a mouse
You better run and try getting away
Or this will be your very last day

If you stay it will hunt you down
You wont be the last guy dead in town

This old mime is scary
And it will not be buried
You won’t want to see its face again
Don’t go telling Larry
Or the old secretary
You won’t live to live your life again

It will lurk around the Pierces place
It will attack any kind of race
Sitting silent’s what it likes to do
If you pass it it will not say “BOO!”

If you are Kelly Pierces friend
Be prepared for your whole life to end


You stand outside in the dark, cold night
All of a sudden you see a light
You run to it thinking it is a friend
Instead your life comes to an end

Don’t think of hiding in your room
That might be where this old mime likes to loom


The mime…the mime
You won’t want to see its face again

There will be more songs up sooner or later!