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Welcome to the page of BoK, The Brotherhood of Krynn. We are a neutral/light guild on a journey from Krynn. We roam the land of Rhydin in search of guilds that are evil. We hope to put an end to all that is evil and to those who choose to do bad to the people. We wish to keep peace in the land of Rhydin and Krynn. We will always be there for the people, and for the good of Rhydin and Krynn.

History-Read the history on some of our members. There are only a couple so far, but there will be more soon.

Rules-The Rules of the guild.

News/Info-See what's going on with the BoK.

Roster-The current roster.

Alliances-Who we are now allied with.

Application-Interested in joining? Fill out the application.

Links-A couple of links, check 'em out.

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