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Welcome to the Oath of Hunting the Shadow Society Page. On entering this page, I hope that you will learn many things. If you have been to this area before. You must be more than just a weary traveller on the roads. This page will mainly be my society page on Planes of Existence Mud and my info about this class in my AD&D campaign that I am a DM of.All the info about this order will be here. I haven't edited it in a long time, because I have been busy but I do read my email everyday.

Hello may I introduce myself. My is name Grand Master Shatten Jäger Crysania Laurentine (Alias). I am the leader of the society called "Oath of Hunting the Shadow". The society originally derived from stories that I have written. I posted them up before but, unfortunately, a certain homepage server had a disk crash and everything was deleted. It contained many things like the members of the society over the net and my friends that wanted to join cause they were in the story.

This will take awhile. But I will renew everything and soon submissions will be taken again. The members in stories are very different from the ones on the net. In stories you have statuses cause that is fiction. But over the net. You just have one status so it is not complicated. The people that have actual status's are part of my AD&D campaign set in the world I made up that I play in real life. Or play on Planes of Existence Mud. Other Status's have been gained or earned through specific noble actions.

The main most important wrede for a Shatten Jager is "If it hurts none that are true to the light, Do as you will." That is the oath they are sworn in by also. It was the the Shatten Jager lives by and has dedicated his whole soul to.

In the following pages, there are more specific explanations of what the Society does, and what it is. If you have anymore questions about the "Society" just send and email to the address provided below. If you are interested in using the Shatten Jager class in your D&D campaign just email me if you aren't clear on some stuff. also. "The AD&D Clan" Link also explains some more stuff looked for in the roleplaying of the clan.

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