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Master P's wife calls 911, declines to press charges

Rap artist Master P's wife called sheriff's deputies to her home this week and said that her husband roughed her up, a sheriff's report shows.
However, when deputies arrived Sonya Miller declined to press charges and has since denied that her husband hurt her.
No charges were filed against Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller.
Sonya Miller said in a call to 911 that her husband had treid to choke her. "He's, he's grabbing on a pregnant woman and trying to choke me," she told the 911 operator, "and I'm tired of it."
However, in an interview with The Advocate on Friday, she said the sheriff's report exaggerated the incident.
"I was mad and upset," she said. "I don't know why I did it, but I did it."
When she spoke to the deputies Tuesday morning, Miller said she "wanted it known that she would take action if further abuse occured," the sheriff's report said.
Sonya Miller had called 911 around midnight Monday and asked for the police to come to her home at 19523 N. Muirfield Circle, in Country Club of Louisiana.
She said she wanted to press charges against her husband.
"I'm getting tired of being getting choked on and I'm pregnant and my old man, he's just going crazy, saying all kinds of things," she said during the call.
Throughout the call to the authorities, Miller was also speaking to someone else in the room with her.
Much of what she said during the call is unintelligible in a copy of the tape released Friday by Emergency Medical Services.
Deputies were dispatched to Miller's home at 12:10 a.m. on Tuesday, the report said.
Sonya Miller told Deputy Joshua McNicoll that her husband had "grabbed her and pulled on her," the report said.
She appeared to have a tear in he shirt, McNicoll's report said.
Sonya Miller said she is pregnant but doesn't think she was injured in the incident, the report said.
She signed a form declining to press charges.
Her husband had left home before the deputies arrived, the report said.
Sonya Miller spoke with The Advocate by telephone Friday afternoon. Also on the line during the interview were LeAnn Weill, who handles public relations for Master P, and a representative from No Limit Records, his company.
Sonya Miller said what the deputy thought was a tear in her shirt was actually a slit in her maternity shirt that is used for breastfeeding.

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